1. Jane Inglish

    I can not find the Sealing Iron. I tried the link but can't find it on the Shabby Fabrics site. I looked through the notions and even typed 'iron' in the Search bar, still no luck.
    Can you help?

  2. isabella smith

    It's a good idea to use double sided sticky tape on the template then you can see to fussy cut it sticks to your fabric but just lifts of easy

  3. Paula Sydney

    Hi Jennifer, what's the difference between using a sealing iron and a regular iron? I've never heard of using a sealing iron. Do you use this for all your EPP and Applique? Does the sealing iron have adjustable voltage where you can switch it to work in different countries? I have the mini iron you have and there's a switch on it to switch it to 240v for Australia. Does the sealing iron have the same? I'm really wondering what the benefit is, or the difference between a regular iron. Thank you!!


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