1. Ruth Christianson

    Nice! I like your fabric garland! Just a note on the paper garlands, though. I made one with narrower width and shorter length strips out of Christmas wrapping paper of various colors just for fun one year. I put it on a ficus tree I had. It was lightweight so it didn't harm the tree. Later, for storage, I gave it its own box to prevent crushing of the loops. This year, I draped it on the mantle, and I love the simplicity of it and the cheerful colors from the wrapping paper. I love DIY Christmas projects! I might try your (from your other video) Mod Podging the fabric on the clear ornament also with added glitter. I always seem to have scraps of fabric! Thank you!

  2. Sherry Rook

    I love it. I’ve been making your Fabric Christmas Ornaments on the styrofoam balls they came out very nice. Your Avery good teacher. Thank you so much.

  3. Sue Keida

    Hi Jennifer, I made this and it's so beautiful on our tree! I did it just a bit differently. I cut the pieces in half and I love the way they turned out. Everyone is complimenting me this year on the new look for our tree. Thanks so much!

  4. Susan Allen

    How great!! My idea while watching this is to make reversible placemats and matching or co-ordinating napkin rings. I was gifted the Olfa cutter and pinking blade. Time to put them to use. 🙂

  5. yani angelicstyle

    Sadly I have no where around here that carries an assortment of pretty materials, I will do this with paper which I know won't last for not yr but want to make it🎄⛄

  6. Patricia Lane

    is the second piece of heat n bond necessary?  couldn't you put heat n bond on one piece of fabric, trim,  peel the backing, then adhere the backing fabric?  or do you need the two layers of heat n bond for stiffness?


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