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DIY Halter Bralette Crop Top (Beginners Sewing)

hey everybody, welcome to my channel. I’m
Miaira Jennings and in this DIY video I’m gonna show you how I turned this into
this. stay tuned. alright guys I am back with another super simple sewing tutorial and
you guys know I love easy projects because I am definitely not a sewing pro
so if you’re a beginner – these are perfect for you. for this halter bralette
top I am starting off with this basic t-shirt in this nice blue color and in
addition to the shirt I’m using my sewing machine, a pencil, a ruler, fabric
scissors and sewing pins. that’s it. for more information and details on all of
these items just scroll down and check out that description box. alright then
let’s get started. first I am starting with the shirt on and I’m using my
pencil to mark spots to kind of outline how big the cups are going to be and how
long the top is going to be. once I’ve done that I’m taking the top off and I’m
using my ruler to complete the outline drawing a line straight across to mark
the bottom of the cups and then drawing straight vertical lines from the top of
the cups down to that line. next I am just free handing the triangular shapes
of the cups with slightly curved lines from the top down to the bottom and now
the outline for the cups is complete and I’m going to move down to the bottom and
draw a horizontal line to mark where the bottom of this top will fall. and it’s
time to get to cutting. first I’m cutting along that bottom line and then I’m
cutting along that horizontal line at the bottom of the cups so I can separate
out that waistband piece. next I am just cutting the cups out and I’m cutting
through both layers so that way it’s a little bit thicker. now the main pieces
are done and looking good and it’s time to create
some straps for this bad boy. to do this I’m just taking that very
bottom portion that I cut off the shirt and cutting a strip that’s about one
inch wide from that bottom hem line. now I’m just cutting that into two pieces
and we’ve got our straps folks. it’s finally time to sew this all together.
first I am folding each cup in half vertically along that line that I drew
and then sewing along that line. and there you have it, the first cup is
complete and I repeated that same process with the other cup. then I took
about two to three inches in on that waistband piece. we want to make sure
that part is nice and fitted. now that that’s done I’m flipping that waistband
to the right side and I’m going to attach the cups by pinning the right
sides together along the edges. now guys as you’re watching this please keep in
mind that I am still learning. I’m definitely no expert, I’m just doing my
best, trying out new things. so if you have any suggestions on how to do any of
this stuff better or how to do it differently please feel free to comment
below. I’m always open to suggestions. and now that I’ve got that pinned I’m just
sewing it all together along that front edge. all right looking good so far.
looking good. next it’s time to attach those straps. got that done and last but
not least I’m just going to fold and sew along those edges of the cups. make it a
little bit neater but this is completely optional. once those edges are cleaned up that’s
it. that was the final touch to this little bralette halter top and guys I
have to be honest. this looks a lot cuter than I anticipated.
this was the first time I’ve tried sewing something like this so I’m really
proud of how it looks but you already know the true test is gonna be how it
looks when I put it on so let’s go. and that’s all it takes. just a plain old
t-shirt and some basic sewing skills. thank you guys so much for watching. make
sure you comment below to let me know what you think about this top and let me
know what you want to see me make next. if you’re not already a subscriber
please hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell so you never miss one
of my videos and I will see you guys in the next video. bye!


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