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DIY LACE UP CROP TOP | Jeanae Melisa

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s your girl Jeanae
Melisa and today I’m coming at you guys with another DIY video. So I made this
lace up crop top that I have on right now and I’m gonna show you guys how I
made it. It’s super duper easy, so yeah. And no sewing required. You’re just gonna
need a hammer and some other tools but Let’s just good started. So for this DIY you’re gonna need a crop top, an eyelet kit, a pair of scissors, and a
hammer. So you want to start off by placing the
eyelets on to the crop top. I did two rows, wait no, two columns and 5 rows on each side. Next you want to take something to mark the center of each
eyelet with. So I’m just using a pen and I also took like a measuring tape just
to make sure that they were spaced evenly and yeah just mark the center of
each eyelet. So now you’re gonna take a pair of
scissors and you’re gonna cut a slit where you marked *sneezes* So now you’re gonna take the pair of scissors and you’re just gonna cut a slit where you marked earlier
and you want to make sure when you’re cutting your slit that you start off
like really small because just so that you don’t end up making the hole too big. Now you’re gonna grab the top of the
eyelet and you’re gonna put it through the shirt and then you’re gonna grab the
black base that comes with the kit, put it on top of that, and then flip it over,
put the bottom of the eyelet on there and then grab that little silver tool
thing that comes with it and take your hammer and hammer that bad boy down. So now it’s time to put the string
through the eyelids. Now I bought shoe strings because that’s what I wanted to
use, but if you want to you can buy like ribbon and use that but I just wanted
that look. That shoestring look, if you know what I’m saying… You probably don’t but that’s okay. But yeah once you finished putting the
shoestrings through the eyelets you’re done. Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it make sure to give it a thumps up and also don’t forget to
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