1. Deerheart Adornments

    to dry them put on a chop stick and then put the "lollypop" stick into a jar or vase so thar the balls splay out and don't touch me each other
    or crumple up wax paper and sit the balls on it so the don't roll around

  2. Deerheart Adornments

    suggestion, put the ball onto a chop stick and wrap a rubber band around it near the ball to hold it firmly. easier to cover all sides of the ball. some balls have sharp glass edges under the metal hook which you have removed. you don't want to get finger cut

  3. Nancy Jones

    It is Mod. But I've seen people spellie Modge because of the Podge after it. I have also had a lot of customers where I work and just people talking, call it Modge. Sorry if I misunderstood her.

  4. Rana Hawit

    Thank you for this video, I paint acrylic on canvas using mix media, with texture paste, and lots of heavy embroidery fabric. I varnish everything on the canvas except the fabric because I'm worried to ruin the fabric, please advise me on what to do. Thank you

  5. sylvia seri

    Thanks, your projects were very pretty. I use napkins for my ornament projects. Very easy to repair. Comes out just great. I do use fabric to make lots of other home decor projects from table tops to wastebaskets. I will try fabric on my smaller projects to see how they come out.

  6. Mary Mangano

    Pretty ornament. be careful when you put your finger inside the ornament. the edges are often jagged and you can cut yourself on them

  7. Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd

    The bubbles…could be dealt with by soaking the fabric strips in Modge Podge in a small bowl. The fabric becomes soaked and as you apply it to the bulb I had no bubbles.

  8. Clozelle Harris

    I wish I had read the comments before I made my ornaments. My ornaments are memorial ornaments for my nephew and mother-in-law. I used my nephew's dress shirt and my mother-in-law's nightgown on each ornament, Even though I have buckled seams, I think my family will love and treasure them. I mixed the fabrics on each ornament, so it's more patchwork. My friends say that imperfections give them character, so I'm going to go with that. Thank you for your videos. I'm starting to order from your site exclusively.

  9. Debbie Elholm

    This is a great idea for those of us who have lots of scrap papers, too! I'm a card maker and a scrapbook maker, so using my paper scraps to do this project would be a great way to use them up! Thanks!

  10. Ralph Saorrono

    This was a great idea. Do you have a tutorial using any photos along with fabrics? What about any patriotic/military ornament ideas?

  11. Lesley Gilbert

    Just catching up with some of your older video's and enjoyed this one. I was thinking to cut 1 inch strips to avoid the bubbles. Thanks for a great idea 🙂


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