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Diy offshoulder crop top

hello everyone welcome to my channel
it’s me Jenny Jenny DIY so welcome back to my channel so in today’s video I will
be showing you how I make this top this leopard print so I’ll be showing you
how I made this top and how you can also create the pattern so I’ll be
showing you all in this video and if you have any question just feel free to
leave your comments below and if you’re new watching me thank you
welcome to my channel and please check out my other video I hope you
enjoy this video please don’t forget to thumbs oh yeah let’s get started ciao so
you will need a fabric like I have one and half years fabric here and also your
elastic and you can see I’m using one big and the small one I’m going to show
you how I use it and now you also need brown paper roll you can see the one I’m
using and I’m going to be using one of my top to create this pattern but you
can also use basic shirts so I place the top like this and i now fold it so I’m going to mark on the arm hole but
I’m not going to mark fully on the armhole I’m just going to mark maybe the middle of
the armhole and you can see i also leave some allowance because I’m using a
elastic band so i leave some allowance and this is how
you create off shoulder top so here I have the pattern so now I’m going to make the
sleeve so to creat the sleeve I’m going to use also the pattern that i made am going to
use it to create the sleeve and you can see I place it and I’m going to measure like
25cm and on that 25cm I divided into 2
and I’ll now place it up and this is where I’m going to mark my sleeve it is
one going to mark the armhole you can see that I now draw it like v shape you can see what i mean and yeah and I now cut out so now I have the sleeve and the top so
I’m going to cut it and before you cut you have to also measure your
belly button to know where to cut cos this is crop top so I’m
going to cut out this pieces I’m going to use it for they band is the one i will
use for the elastic band I’ll show
you what I mean later so I’m going to use this for the band I’m going to place
it on bottom of the top so I also cut out some cm off from the
sleeve that is where I want the lengths to be that’s the length of the sleeve so now I’m going to collapse all the
pieces and to cut it out you have to cut it depending on how much of your fabric
but I am going to cut the top and the sleeve I’m going to put it on food so I want to show you what I made so
depend on your fabric is inside that you folded or maybe you double folded it before you
cut so I place it on fold as you can see and the sleeve also i place it also
on fold so here I cut out the top for the both side and also its sleeve and this
is the sleeve is two and this is the eyes the band that I told you I’m going
to use later is also two so now the first thing I’m going to do is to stitch the both
sides of the top and also the sleeve I’m going to stitch it also so here the sleeve I stitch it and now
I’m going to attach the both sleeves on the top so I’m going to attach it together so here’s the top you can see that I
hem the edge with zig-zag stitch and also the sleeve so the next thing I’m going to
do is to fold it this where I’m going to add the elastic band so am going to fold and pin all round the edge so I also leave some open where I
will attach the elastic band I’m going to stitch it now and for the sleeve I had
wanted to attach elastic but I decided to leave it I just fold it and
leave it like that so you can now see the top the next thing I’m going to
do is to attach the band and to do that I’m going to use the rest pieces to make
that so i will pin it on the elastic band and fold it and now sew on it before I
attach it on the top it is very simple you just fold it we just fold it and pin
it and then you sew it but you stretch it while sewing it so here is the band now you see how I made it so now I’m going to attach it on the top so you pin and also by the
both sides and then while sewing it you have to stretch it so that it will match
up with the top so here is the finished look is so simple and easy to make so tell me
if you like it and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also to like
this video if you have any question just feel free to leave your comment so yeah
thank you and I’ll see you in my next video bye you


  1. Channel Fiend Author

    Jenny! Jenny! You look so pretty in your top!!! You have me over here counting down the days until 50% off at my local thrift store so I can source for fabric.

    You have the cutest DYI projects! I can't wait to try them out. From the t-shirt short, oversized men dress shirt turned into a nice women's blouse, this blouse and the Jean's to spaghetti strapped top!!!

    Thanks Sis!!!


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