1. Gianluca G

    If there was a way the drones could charge at a special/chosen place/location by themselves so you do not have to charge the drones on your own/by yourself

  2. oisiaa

    What's needed is a solar powered, ground based machine that has multiple mechanical hoes on robotic arms to precisely weed fields without chemicals.

  3. stefan gleixner

    I read through the comments and am shocked by some views. Either many here have no farm or work only as a driver. First of all: Can one of the writers show me a tractor that is reasonably usable for $ 50,000? How much do your sparyer cost ??? The smallest and cheapest costs $ 30,000 and mine costs $ 450,000. How much ha do you do with your spayers and how much staff and diesel do you use ??? COUNTER CALCULATION: Ok, should a good drone cost $ 15,000 x10 if I edit large areas. Then I invested $ 150,000. Diesel??? No I do not need, just a little stream. Manpower ?? 2-3 have a nice job. Soil compaction ??? 0.0 !!! Lowering grain or corn ?? 0.0 !! Ha number on the day ?? 250 !!! Can one explain why I should not play with the idea to buy me 10 such drones ??? Before you always speak badly, first look at all the factors, then you can write your opinion.

  4. Adrian Martadinata

    just need more improvement in charging dock i guess. farmer can send their drone and get it back to recharge their batteries and fertilizer

  5. David Petkovic

    if i put cold water in there, spray it at myself, it would cool me down alot in the summer, especialy with the propellers blowing air at me thats make it better.

    they should have these at waterparks when u wait in line.
    its hot in australia i have dreams

  6. Joachim Berg

    What they don't tell you in this video is the flight time before it needs to land and recharge / change batteries. According to the specsheet on DJI's website, a fully equipped MG-1P (with 10 liters of liquid, batteries, radar etc.) weighing close to 24 kg will HOVER for 9 minutes. So I can only imagine that operating time will be closer to 6 minutes pr charge. That's insanely low and I really don't see how it will be able to cover "6 HA pr. hour" with roughly 6 minutes of flight pr charge.


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