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Do you need foliar spray of Ca and B? Replace all the minerals you need for crops with sea salt !

Hi, This is Youngsang Cho representative of jadam In this video I’m going to talk about Calssium and Boron Lot of people facese confussion while studying agriculture. Because of- Nitrogen, Phosphoric acid, potassium , Calcium ,sulfur Magnesium, Boron , cobalt Manganese, Molybdenum, Germanium and selnium. Which is needed in farming, people often talk about these component to be sucessful farmer. And today i’m going to talk about Cacium and boron in this video. These are the vegetable that i grew from my farm. Which is most high quality of all kind. And also even higher yield while not using chemical fertilizer. I do organic farm with 60 different kinds of vegetable every year.
And I’ve never did foliar application with boron and calcium. It’s because it simply works without it even as a compost. Many people talks about balancing those components,
However, once you enter that there is no answer but only trouble. You can choose the easy path
but thoes information leads people to spend more money. Is it just me who is not focusiing on balance of N,P,K,Ca,B ? No, We have about 60,000 member who are using JADAM method,
And many of them are doing same as me. There is a claim about importance of foliar application of Calcium and Boron. That Calcium and Boron is immobile elements in plant. However, that is bullshit. Do you think people in the old time
used to do foliar application for chilli farming? Not at all. They harvested till the frost fall without foliar application. If it is an immobile element, Then can this beautiful
nature exist with robust trees and all these plants? We can realize and learn from the nature by looking at it.
when there is a confussion while learning agriculture. This is an example that i ocassionally use. There is blemish on someone’s face. And that person asked doctor
” why do i have blemish on my face?” And the doctor come with an answer
” you have lack of Boron and Calcium” What would you think if a doctor says something like this? Many of us know the complexity of human body. And this applies similar to plants. It is very childish to describe the plant in fragments as an excess relief of some inorganic nutrients. In nature, there is no supplement to minerals at all. And it is still good enough itself. So what is the difference
between nature farming and modern farming. Becasue we sell all our fruits and that leads deficeint of mineral in plants. That’s why you need to supplement boron or calcium. Which is actually true. And let me introduce groundbreaking
materials to supplement the minerals needed for calcium,
boron and various other plants. And that is sea salt which is common as household item or, moreover sea water. As you can see, there are 83 minerals If you look more closely It’s rich in sulfur, magnesium, calcium, girly, phosphoric acid, iodine and boron. What’s even more amazing is- The nutritional balance of the minerals in this seawater is very similar with amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb. And fluid of the plants, even blood plasma of a human
is almost identical to this mineral. So many experts claims plants and animals originally evolved from the sea. Almost 99% of the people who are involved in agriculture education except me. Says no to salt or sea water. But think about korean peninsula.
Three side are covered with ocean. The most expensive Agricultural products are produced
near the beaches worldwide. Up to 3 km near the beach
is the point where seawater always falls from the air. Sea water drops 24 hours.
And it’s been falling for tens of millions of years. Even if that farming is well done near the ocean. So using sea water is historically proven. And the use of seawater is not only recommended by me. If you go to the Agriculture Development Administration,
you can search for various papers there. If you search for seawater there are dozens of related papers. You will be surprised by the contents. it is very effective with no disease.
there are many advantages using it. What i would say on this is- Just use sea salt as a mineral that will be needing in farming. It works, And it is true that it works!. you can replace the minerals you need
for agriculture with sea salt very cheaply. However you shouldn’t use that too much here either. We’ve empirically explained the right amount. We take agricultural products and produce them for shipping. And the product contains between
0.8% and 1% salinity, similar to humans. Taking that into account,
if you calculate the total harvest by weight times 1% There comes the weight of the total sea salt amount
that I will need put into the field for a year. If the calculation is difficult,
you can convert 500 liters of sea salt into 20 liters of seawater. Regular crop or orchard salt amount
can be used periodically different in this way. I am currently recommending using drip irrigation. if the irrigation is difficult, it is possible to take the salt and sprinkle a certain amount directly on the soil. Nowadays, a lot of farming techniques
are into using foliar application. I have been keep talking about- Foliar application is similar to
applying hungry man with nutritional creme not food. Please do not focus on foliar application. It is best to use irrigation so that the roots can absorb it. So far I know some of the things
that are so different from what you know. But we have done this many times Many farmers follow the same method as me. For reference, I didn’t say it without any scientific base. I graduated BA chemistery in Aju university. Then I got a master’s degree in horticulture, Chungnam National University. After that, I am currently doing a PhD in Chonbuk National University. It is very difficult to adjust
the various mineral artificially to balance it. Even the instructor can’t actually do it right. You have to get away from this. Next time I’ll teach
How to adjust the N, P, K, Ca etc to balance it. I will explain how to do it right. This is a book about JADAM organic farming that i wrote. More than 40,000 people have purchased it
and are quite popular Another book is another about herbs. It will be very helpful for your learning. Also translated into English book. It has also been translated into Spanish. It is translated into many languages ​​and sold worldwide on And if you search organic farming,
there are over 2000 books. My book is currently ranked second. And We hold a natural pesticide seminar at Daejeon Jadam Education Center regularly two or three times a month. Many people are attending and please do come
and i will guide you to solve the problems very easily. at the end of the seminar,
we will issue a certificate with frame. As I have almost finished the farming,
I have time to upload videos on Youtube. I’m planning to upload all the formula during this winter. The agriculture we aim for is ultra-low cost agriculture. It is organic farming,
but very low-cost, high-yielding agriculture. If we don’t go this way,
there is no future of Korean agriculture. As you may know,
government has agreed on FTA with 52 countries, Import tariffs on agricultural products will be reduced. The economy is in a state of low growth. The population is plunging. The demand for agricultural products
will not expand in the future. It will be difficult to get rigth price in that market. I will teach the method of natural pesticide
that can go beyond and replace chemical pesticide. Ultra-low cost agriculture is the only hope. Translated by Sungwoo Cho.


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