Dog Breeding Part 1 : Dog Breeding Business in the Philippines | Agribusiness Philippines

be it for dog shows or as pets it all begins with proper dog breeding Baba I'm Tom Appa Galaga sathi milazzo Obama pod producido young healthy puppies let's all find out baku maximal obamas oxydol breeding business be sure nerdy comics sacrifice Nanyang auras at para poop imagine successfully dog una una sheep in mammalian Mambo de cacao see Rio supe at Allegan kya Momiji omec sacrificial and quanti para saw a sheep in Marina Marin Lincolnton Gaston Jean Genie opening tip Iranian en como para la casa Mihama me llamo after one not yamuna adi-kavaye one when you hustled up a determines an italian-american he league miracle passion for dogs Angelina Popish maybe their typical location you must stadion temper am an Indian panting I'm okay Malik behind oniony me exit octagonal I would even say during the balance and temper and temper known dapat young friend Isha English apna Samuel Eto'o to check boring human abide passing by come under Chateau Roberge watch an a hereditary began in female amenable emo kite female t tingle Marina ma petite Malacca kuntala one testicle Stella kasi homeopathy gana mana monarchy de salón testicle chances are military hereditary Binion naga an opinion again own era erequest Medusa may air inlet air pump ready painting Assange pasión Assange healthy puppy back pin upon moat la Luna P my salmon Segura doom Mitaka you possums immune it is also important to check its pedigree and see whether there are red marks on it that means it is a champion though there is no assurance that it would produce champions two pedigrees are considered the birth certificate of pure breed dogs the guy in it though this is all right Monica Timon pompano hallo Schley Hoffmann red marks and green marks an emic sabine and red marks ping mana champ union philippine champion the list philippine grand champion philippine hall of fame much maganda was a latino red mark merchant green mark and ibiza being a mere award of merit Yong Yong Ashley and producer Jana mana champions lagana Callaghan Omaha maganda yen make your dogs on its third or fourth heat or at the age of one and a half to two years old to ensure that the dog is matured enough to deliver its babies nah poppin Simo not asshole uma pickle and onion back Kunta leg on boosting gusta and vintage and pupunta society meaning to say when a welcome young young penetration and male secondly patty belong young pupunta semana side pack title again reading readiness a picnic Malcolm male in diner in Sakuma palagi in this allah – taboo Hanukkah golly it was Ben Callaghan wheeling awaiting the shock man alarm emmonak boo-boo busines a young ass oh come on Canyon dead I do maliki at nagging pink I'm cool I am gestation period now female dog I NASA 62 65 days windii da ba da Google osakowski mañana Talmud Papa daddy dosa pan Yamaha ela guys amalaki Kulemin all Naboo Buddhist nah so openly – I'm a hobbit Lokhande hi Tina Holloman parinita nah exercise soup and eat oh my grop amana one sign that your dog is close to delivering its babies is its lack of appetite couple hindi night of mine on its 60th day onwards Mohammed NATO within 24 to 48 hours a week buckwheat Amana be sure to prepare its whelping box Kayla a Masonic Montana yo a saucer whelping box Varmus muhammad ali uncanny impala wanna Segura doing rich in calcium brain and diet and am dial continuous brain amp octopod 1807 Yamaha enough trim the nails of one week old puppies open Houdini zoomable mode undead in and am on its third or fourth week your puppies can undergo on a soft diet feed them with Sarah Lac and milk then gradually add crush dog food opposed 9 someone play the moon a Tony paddy worm sign young veterinarian son Danny tone imbaba Cunha against hepatitis rabies influenza and etc kappa get 1 month and a half old knob as part of being a responsible breeder it is best to visit your vets regularly dog breeding should not only be considered a business but a passion for dogs you should know that it is best to sell it to responsible owners that would take care of the dogs the way you did


  1. Kezeah Ragas

    I always find your videos helpful but promoting dog breeding for commercial purposes is DISGUSTING. Stray dogs, cats, stray animals in general, need people to adopt them and here you are supporting the commercialisation of dog breeding. Don’t buy pets people, ADOPT! Let’s not overpopulate the world with more animals to take care, knowing that some animals are in the streets begging for food.

  2. Paul Gerald Orquiz

    Nako!! Napaka ingay nung dog breeder na kapitbahay ko. Dapat bawal yan sa mga subdivision/residential, nakakaistrobo , minsan buong araw tahol ng tahol.Pag pagod ka sa work, maiistorbo k talaga

    Edit: Ako mahilig ako sa aso ah, baka sabihin kasi na dog hater ako

  3. Issa

    This breeder is so dirty. Notice the dog cages, dog's environment is not good. I don't think this is a good educational material. Sooo poor!

  4. Francis Cleofas

    Being a dog breeder is a very big responsibility. The welfare of the animals should always be a priority not making money. 


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