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Don’t Pack a Pest!

Okay men and ladies, remember though we stop the introduction of most
harmful pest and diseases from entering the U.S., we can always do more! I know, having assisted with many interceptions myself. Unsuspecting travelers bring in pests and diseases daily. Our forests, landscapes, livestock, and agriculture crops are at risk. Remain Vigilant! We don’t want anything to get through on
our watch. Now look sharp! Linus? It’s time to get out there and sniff it out. Alright, he’s filling out a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Declaration Form. Our message of Don’t Pack a Pest is getting out there, but we’ve still got a lot to do. Got it! I found another one. If only more travelers would declare their
agricultural items. Our CBP agricultural specialists can help
determine if they’re safe to bring in. It was a good day – hope yours is too – go get ’em! Help protect ourr food and natural
resources. Please declare agriculture items, and Don’t Pack a Pest.

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