DPC SHIELD – Steps Needed To Apply a Ceramic Coating!


  1. Richard Rashty

    Just ordered both shield and armor…. I have white Toyota with 3 stage pearl paint…. I'm doing a small paint correction, and follow your instructions… I'm looking forward to trying this out..
    Great video Scott

  2. antonio ibarra

    hello friend and I start to follow you I want to start a detailed auto business I am interested in knowing some distributors in Texas of these products and what do you recommend?

  3. Slick1 G

    Hey Scott those old harbor freight polishers are discontinued. Can you recommend another good polisher in that price range? Thanks in advance

  4. blade000007

    Nice product so far. If I apply it and the next day there is dust on the paint what steps should you take to apply the 2nd coat? Tks

  5. Lars Norway

    Thanks Scott. Learn so much from you. Questions, can coating withstand winter with much use of strong degreasing? Here in Norway there is a lot of salt on the roads.

  6. Jeff Eppenger

    I've kinda lost my faith in SiO2 coatings. After having my vehicles coated with CQuartz UK several times over the past couple years I've noticed no better protection than when i applied a product like Duragloss 105 applied 2x's a year. I think these "sealants" have been over hyped for years. I think Scott selling his own is great but don't expect a bird shit proof coating with any of these type of coatings. At least Scott's is a good price vs the competition.

  7. The Detail Company Jerry Rose III

    Scott, respectfully i want to ask, noticed that your mentioned in testing paint prep used in this video had a color to it, in past videos you have mentioned your disagreement with the use of dyes, as they are geared towards retail market sales appeal. i have absorbed and started practicing using preps without dyes, based on this as i found your statements valid and useful, so i am curious as to if yours is colored and if so, I'm excited/curious as to why, I'm curious of the chemical process in this sense. great episodes, always, thanks for all of your valuable input and you making it receivable!

  8. an23439

    I’m very interested in opening my own detailing business, but sometimes this videos make it so confusing, not to long ago I’ve seen in this channel negative comments towards ceramic coating waxes and not even applying any type of protection to his own car yet here we are talking about advertising his own product line. I’m not trying to put anybody down just hard to find someone as your mentor when they contradict themselves!!!!!

  9. Sean Mcmurray

    I've been waiting for this. I'm going to try it and I've never used a ceramic coating before. I ordered it yesterday..👍👍

  10. Derek Golec

    Looks great, definitely will be my coating choice for next season since I already have a coating for this year. Awesome price point as well.

  11. T Hicks

    I bought mine at noon Wednesday. I can't wait to use it. Scott is very informative. Heres another tip for everybody. GET THE SUCKER. Too! IT dries your vehicle superbly! Quality products without confusion or breaking the bank. Thank you Scott.

  12. AlwaysChangingMind

    Fuck this scam piece of shit selling snake oil. Yall who buy this shit is fucked up. This dude is an arrogant slug of shit
    Thinks his shit dont stink. Fuck this fag right here.

    Support REAL retailers, not people who claim they're the best and the noobs who school to his shit like sheep like this scumbag.

  13. TheBaz568

    Hey Scott, Im tempted to purchase your DPC ceramic coating. I do not have a garage, therefore, contamination is possible. During the curing stage of the product, what would happen if say
    some bird droppings were to come in contact with the vehicle? Can I just use some QD and take it off, will this affect the coating? On the website, it only mentions avoiding moisture while curing, which I can easily plan for so that is not really an issue despite the lack of a garage.


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