Dr Prashant Yogi Course on Cow Management गाय प्रबंधन पर डॉ प्रशांत योगी पाठ्यक्रम

You must watch “Sustainable cow course” click on the round icon Φ on the top right .


  1. super cow Author

    mujhe bhi ye training krna hai sir plz tell me about training on my WhatsApp 8871429097
    and Gagendra agrawal ji you are doing very good job

  2. parveen antil Author

    sir I have a question Dr shree klaa Say's calf need 6 months milk to drink and Mr. yogi Say's 3 months . there is many things opposite each other . how I guse who is right

  3. sandeep gupta Author

    Hello Dr Yogi. I'm a software engineer by profession. I'v never used dairy management software. But I'm sure if you tell me the features, I can make one which small farmers can use for free. It'll be my contribution to the community.
    Let me know if i can be of any help.


    sir I want to study online cow management course. please give me your own what's up no. ya add to me my no is 7295917437

  5. Bharat Incredible Author

    Good and informative, it makes a topic simple to understand providing different opinion and perspective. It also provides engaging information which is unique and desired by the Gosevak.

  6. Sushil Kumar Pradhan Author

    dear sir
    l m sushil from odisha i want to start dairy farming. sir please send your contact number and address i want to learnt tranning pis answer me my watshop no 7608049688 .thank you.

  7. tadgesanjay Author

    गोशाला ,गायपालन ,गाय की देखभाल ईसकी ट्रेनिंग कोर्स की जानकारी चाहिए

  8. khwahish Choudhary Author

    thanku very much for this video , I get a lot of knowledge by this video thanku very much Shri Prashant Yogi ji for your valuable time and thanku Cowgrazing team and Shri Gajanand Agarwal ji , if there is some more videos like this. I will watch those videos

  9. Mikky Parmar Author

    Hello Gajanand Ji, I am interested in attending this workshop asap organised in Mumbai. Request you to please help me with it!

    Mikky N Parmar, CTC# +91 9999046933

  10. Praveen Kumar Author

    Dr.yogi Sir
    I want to join dairy management course.
    I am from jodhpur rajasthan.
    I have 6 gir 2 sahiwal and 1 hf cow but I am not satisfied with result.
    Dr.Yogi sir please help me.
    Please sir…

  11. Aasfs Aasfs Author

    It is very informative, helpful, positive and in very simple language about Desi cow dairy farming business details you gave to us. Dr Prashant Yogi Sir you came to our level and explain us very well. We can only salute you but by a salute, it will not work until I use your tips and Idea in real life so Definitely I will use it and salute you Sir.

  12. mayaram verma Author

    मैं dairy farming शुरू करना चाहता हूं।इसके पहले मैं animal husbandary और managment की training लेना चाहते हैं।कहां से करें।practically.

  13. Zabiulla1 Author

    Kindly reply on following questions..(QUESTIONS UPDATED)..

    1) Price of a GIR/SAHIWAL cow ?

    2) Size of farm required to have 20 Cows (in City area) ?

    3) How many litres of milk per day a GIR/SAHIWAL Cow yields?

    4) Sale price of GIR/SAHIWAL Milk per litre?

    5) At what age, From birth … Cow should be made pregnant for the first time?

    6) What’s the pregnancy duration of Cow?

    7) At what age, From birth … Cow starts yielding milk?

    8) In udder, How much milk should I leave for calf ??? How do I get to know the quantity left in udder ?

    9) Till what age calf consumes milk ?? From what age calf should start consuming fodder?

    10) what's the interval at which a cow should conceive ideally/regularly ?

    11) How many times a cow should conceive in her life cycle?

    12) Will the cows be healthy & yield good quantity of milk even if they are NOT let to go out side the small farm?

    13) Will the quantity of milk reduces from one month to another ??? Also will it reduce from one lactation to another ? IF yes, then how much…

    14) In a year, for how many months a cow would remain dry?

    15) For how many months Cow becomes dry before the delivery and for how many months Cow remain dry after the delivery?

    16) Till what age we should keep a cow in our farm? To be NOT on a loss side..

    17) What's the cost of a Milking Machine? Also types/features of milking machine ???

    18) From where I can purchase Dairy equipments?

    19) What all the best fodder types to get the best result ?

    20) How much (weight) green fodder/ dry fodder a cow consumes per day ideally?

    21) How much (weight) green fodder/ dry fodder a CALF consumes per day ideally?

    22) Do I have to give less fodder to dry cows than milking ones ? If yes, then what’s the quantity to be given to dry cows?

    23) What would be the cost of fodder (green/dry) per KG?

    24) Will it be healthy & No effect on milk production, if I feed only dry fodder?

    25) Will it be healthy & No effect on milk production, if I feed only HYDROPONIC GRASS?

    26) Types of diseases which usually GIR/SAHIWAL cows suffer from?

    27) Medicines suitable for those diseases?

    28) At a small farm of 20 cows… Capital required, Statutory expenses every month & how much earning can be made ?

    29) Near by BANGALORE, where can I found GIR/SAHIWAL cows??? Or is there any GOVT department which will supply GIR/SAHIWAL cows for new Dairy farms?

    30) Suppliers of GREEN fodder to BANGALORE city Dairy farms?

    31) Is Hydroponic Grass suitable to get best result ?? Kindly explain the process along with tips to how to cultivate hydroponic grass.

    32) Is there any GOVT department which will supply Dairy equipments for new Dairy farms?

    33) Are there any other hidden expenses which a dairy farmer might have to face?

    Looking forward for your reply at the earliest…


  14. Shiv Kumar Author

    Many thanks Agarwal ji .
    Do you have any software recommendation ? as in course Dr. Prashant Ji has mentioned many software available and did not specifically mentioned name. Google gives too many options . Appreciate help if someone can share who have already explored this . Thank you very much in advance !!

  15. Jaykrishna Raval Author

    This person is just arrogant not giving proper answer to listener or whomsoever raised the question , Totally money minded not thinking about cow or giving respect to cows. He is thinking cow is only subject to milk factory. He is just thinking about money & money. He clearly stated multiple times cow as animal only. If any one want cow as milk business they should think about cow as well.

  16. vivekanand kher Author

    This session by Shri Yogi from Aurangabad,was,mind blowing and extra amazing…..dhanyawad cow grazing.comand the entire team…wah wah……


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