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Drip Irrigation Kit – Deck Garden Kit (Part 2)

Hi! I’m Leon Springer
One of the owners of DripWorks And DripWorks dot com.
Today I am going to show you how to set up The DripWorks Deck Garden Irrigation Kit Our Kits are the easiest way to set up
A complete drip irrigation system. The Deck Garden Kit is made available in three
different sizes To meet your systems needs
Today we will setting up our Economy Kit to Display the wonderful function this product offers. To bring the water onto the deck I am going to cut The mainline and insert a “T” fitting. Push the T-fitting onto the tubing
On both sides Wiggle it a little bit.
And it’s done! Now I’ll attach the length of the half inch
mainline And then tighten the collar of the EZ-Lock
fitting Over the tubing.
And run it up to the deck level When you’ve reach the top of the deck
I’m gonna cut the mainline. And using an EZ-Lock Elbow fitting
I’m going to attach it. Putting it on like that
And then we’re going to up on the deck And then we’re going to attach the mainline
tubing And go behind each one of the containers
We have on the deck. Now we’ll unroll the mainline tubing
Behind all of the containers. When we get to the last container
This window box. We’re going to cut the mainline tubing
And insert a figure eight end. Now I am going to punch a hole behind this
container. And then taking the quarter inch tubing
In which I’ve already inserted the quarter inch transfer barb
We’re going to push it into the mainline tubing Until I hear it pop.
Okay, that one’s in. And then I bring it up into the container With my Fiskars pruners
I am going to cut the quarter inch tubing And take this pot dripper.
This half gallon per hour pot dripper And push it into the quarter inch tubing.
And then we’re going to stick down into the soil. With this Myriad Lemon we’re gonna to use soaker Dripline That we’ve connected it off the mainline tubing With a solid quarter inch tubing
Coming up the back of the pot And we’ve used a quarter inch elbow
And transfered over to soaker dripline in the pot.
We’ve wrapped it a couple times around the plant
And used the three inch hold down stakes To keep the soaker dripline in place.
So we’ve just turned on the water let’s see How the garden and the containers are doing.

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