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Drip Irrigation Options | From the Ground Up

Drip irrigation systems are fairly simple
to install, and they’re great for watering your plants in your high tunnels and your
backyard gardens. And another nice thing about them is that
they use water very efficiently and keep the water off of the leaves of the plants which
can help reduce disease problems in your gardens. The system I’m installing here is this 1/2″
black line that has emitters that I’ve installed. The nice thing about this type of line is
that I can select different emitters that have different output rates. And then I can use appropriate spacing along
this line to match up with the plants that I’m putting into the garden. Another option is this brown line that has
emitters already installed. You can purchase this material in 1/4” or
1/2” line, and you can also get emitters with different spacings and different water
application rates. Another option is soaker hose which is essentially
a porous hose that allows water to emit along the length of that hose. One thing to keep in mind with soaker hose
is that over time, soil particles will build up and start to clog that hose. And so, the lifespan of a soaker hose is generally
2-3 years. If you have any questions about your garden,
you can always contact the University of Wyoming Extension. And this is Chris Hilgert, and you’re watching
From the Ground Up.

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