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Drip Irrigation-Part 2-Using Poly Tubing, Sprayers and Emitters

Welcome to part two of how to assemble a drip irrigation system. In part one we discussed how to set up your system from the water source so if you haven’t watched that check it out first. In this
video I’ll show you how to install micro- sprinklers, sprayers and other drip
irrigation emitters along poly tubing. In future videos we’ll assemble soaker hose,
emitterline and drip tape. Poly tubing with micro-sprinklers is a great choice
for providing customized water delivery to the different plants in your gardens.
You can choose a different sprayer, sprinkler or emitter that fits each
section or each plants’ requirements and even change them out throughout the
season if necessary. Each sprinkler, sprayer and emitter is
installed at the end of a line of 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch poly tubing, except when
using in-line emitters it’s best to only place one component on a line to prevent
the outflow from being impeded. I’ll show you that in a second. Inline emitters are
mini-flow and therefore multiple emitters can be used on a single line,
because a minuscule amount of water is going to seep through the little hole on
the emitter. Due to the minimum flow we don’t need to worry about the outflow
being impeded. Start out by getting all of your irrigation components gathered
up. You want to make sure you have all of your connectors, risers, emitters,
sprinklers, of course the poly tubing and don’t forget the goof plugs. Now you’ll
need to bring that to being close enough to your garden so that you can install
the branching 1/4 and 1/8 inch lines. With my Y-connector attached to the
water source I can continue to assemble my drip system. I like this Y-connector
because ultimately after I finish my drip system I’m going to attach the
garden hose to this side. For now I need to attach the poly tubing to this
initial assembly and the way I’m going to need to do that is with connectors.
First attachment is the female coupler to the pressure
regulator. So be sure that you have the coupler tightened all the way up before
you insert the poly tubing. Once you’ve inserted the poly tubing then you’re
going to tighten it down and that’s what’s going to prevent it from dripping.
I’m going to need to do a few cuts and use some couplers. This elbow coupler is
going to make a nice smooth flow of water from the source, at a 90 degree
angle, to prevent any kinking or any other problems. You’ll need a tool to
punch holes in your 1/2 inch poly tubing, there are many choices and some
even come with a little feature that enables you to insert the connectors.
It’s a smart idea to keep a set of goof plugs on hand to plug up mistakes or
make modifications. You may also need irrigation stakes to attach your
sprinklers or risers to do the same. Another useful component is the inline
Veri-Flow Valve. This allows you to turn the water on and off at each individual
line. Which size poly tubing do you want to run off of your 1/2 inch poly
tube. We have 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch. Most sprayers, sprinklers and
emitters fit onto the 1/4 inch poly tubing, however the Aquatic Tri-Tip
Sprayers require 1/8 inch poly tubing. A few other sprayers can be installed
directly into the 1/2 inch poly tubing or by using a riser. The last component
to add is the fun part, the sprinklers, sprayers and emitters. 360 covers a full
circle evenly up to 9 feet diameter it is the only full coverage emitter with
an adjustable range. Shrubbler on a Stake is also adjustable, up to 26 inch
diameter, but the water is sprayed an array of streams not an even mist.
It’s ideal for watering shrubs and trees. Olson Mini-Sprinklers put out a full
circle of water evenly over up to 26 feet diameter depending on
the size you choose. Olson Ultra-Jet Sprayers are used for ground covers
under trees and other areas that need moderate water. It provides a streaming
water pattern similar to the Shrubbler, but at distances up to 16 feet diameter.
It comes in a full and half circle configuration. Olson O-Jet Sprayers are
for areas that need full water coverage, as they spray a fine mist, even at low
water pressures. They’re available in 90, 180, 300, or 30 by 30 degree patterns. Micro Sprayers with flow control are great where customization is needed. They’re
available in 360, 180 and 90 degree patterns. Flag Emitters provide water to
a single plant with one stream of water. They’re easy to clean and a good choice
for landscaping. Mini-Flow Inline Emitters are the only emitters that can
be installed several times to a 1/4 inch poly tubing line. You can install them at
whatever distance apart you need to deliver water to individual plants along
the line. Cita Pressure Compensating Emitters are best where inconsistent
water pressure is a problem. To install your sprayers, sprinklers and emitters,
poke a hole in your 1/2 inch poly tubing. Depending on your garden plan and the sprayer that you’re using, you can either insert it right into the
1/2 poly or insert a barbed coupler that fits into a smaller poly
tube or a riser. At the end of the poly tube or riser just insert the sprayer of
your choice. Give your garden customized water delivery with micro-sprayers,
sprinklers and emitters, and grow organic for life!


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