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Drip irrigation system. Simple and cheap

Please Don’t forget to subscribe if you find this useful Today, I’m building a very simple a drip irrigation system Which is very cheap and easy to build? all you need for this project is a soldering iron or Some other hot utensil to burn a hole into your plastic bottle some Marine silicon some fish tank fittings, some fish tank tubing and a good pair of scissors Then you need a bottle Anything from a 1 liter to 250 liters will do apply silicone all around the edge of where the tubing goes into the bottle move around a little get some silicone into the hole there And then hold around the edge just to give it a bit of strength Here are two larger containers these are 20 liter containers? I did these early on and you can see these tubes are nicely fixed here with the silicone? And we’ll continue the next stage from here We can see that the silicon has dried and I’m going connected little fish tank fitting This is usually used in air system for your little bubbling features in your tank or the water filter And then I’ve got a 3-way splitter So it can split it to three plants, or you can split it once again Three ways three us, and three ways [to] make nine plus. You can split it in differently all depending on the size of your container On this one here. I put [just] the tap fitting that you control your drip right and one line leading out So here you can see the bottle suspended full of liquid Fertilizer mix or fish emulsion over there You can see here that the dripper and the drop is adjusted To be able to drip down very slowly to one of my little Moringa trees over here If we have a closer look you can see the drops Come on drip down You can now see the drip rate and control that With your little tap, and as I said you can split it many ways if you need to This way you can control watering A Container like this last several days depending on your drop rate Please Subscribe if you found this useful


  1. Dudley Barker Author

    is it just me, or does the video jump from showing the materials to the hose sticking out of the bottle already?
    otherwise a nice presentation. nice voice too, bru. 🙂


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