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Drone on the Farm

One of the things that’s getting a lot of interest
the ag community right now is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for crop monitoring. The technology’s coming together right now so that, uh,
we’ve got software and the hardware, the imagery, um, and packages that are coming to the market that farmers can use, our consultants can use to monitor crops. One of the key things we’re
looking at is the ability to, to scout large acreages, they’re not
going to replace a on-the-ground person walking out
across the field but they will let that person cover a
lot more territory in the middle of the summer when corn
tasseling, it’s no fun to try to walk through 160-acre cornfield to get to
the far end to see what’s going on, but with a UAV, or drone, um, we could launch that out over the
field, run down to the far end, see if there’s anything unusual that’s happening that we need to
go in and investigate further. We’re also looking at the use of, uh,
multispectral imagery and infrared imagery so that we can, uh, uh, look for areas of crop stress that
we may not be able to see with the naked eye. And as that all starts to come together,
as we’re gonna see, even an increased interest in, in this technology in agriculture.


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