1. Ryalin

    Wow, I didn't know each animal had an individual pasture size preference. It seems there's endless things to learn about this game…
    I just wish there was a better UI and Paradox games style detailed tool-tips, that'd be great. Thanks for the great guides!

  2. wolfpax181

    "…sit around in the dining hall and starve to death." And in the case of one of my fortresses, promptly turn into undead because of a strange mist and wipe out the fortress and the fresh wave of migrants that just got there.

  3. interghost

    Another good episode mate thanks. Problem is as I was going through this one a trade caravan arrived in my game… gulp… I might have to skip forward to your video on that so I know what to do 😉

  4. J B

    something gets cut off at the start of the show.
     A helpful tool is the df hack grazing switch which lets you omit non grazers from your animal pen list. Easy way to pick out the animals that can be indoors like pigs. Pigs are my fav because you can eat then, they proved bones/leather and you can milk them. Not kosher though…

    I'm surprised you didnt mention the animal care squares on therapist. Or how to assign a dog to a soldier. Or how to tie one up at the entrance to prevent snatchers. You should prob cover sheering and milking and use of the farmers workshop in this one? Did you mention how baby animals always get assigned to the stockpile of the mother? And how tis important to check your animals when migrant arrive.

  5. WoWpreformer

    I want to take these videos and make a community course teaching DF. There'd be tests, quizzes, and grades. But the grades would be reversed. A is for ass, F is for "fun".


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