1. Hummer Klein

    hi, hon may i ask where do we get the scarfs
    in my storage unit. i have all white ties. a box . gonna do then if i can fid them.
    God bless you and everything u touch. love the class .

  2. Cheryl64014

    Dear viewer, don't despair. You are FINALLY shown the technique at 5:55. Not sure why viewers would be expected to sit through almost 6 minutes of other people socializing first, but apparently we are.

  3. Alice Crawford

    Suzanne, it would help if you took a few minutes between your gushing and maybe give us the directions for how this is done. Gush, gush!

  4. Natasicaca

    Thank you very much! I noticed that Sharpies are very popular there, just like buying things online 🙂 I will try both (permanent markers and highlighters) and let you guys know what happened :))

  5. Kori Biggs

    Sharpies are "permanent" markers, not highlighters… Not sure how highlighters would respond. I can't say for certain but I would guess that other brands of permanent markers – the kind you would use to mark on fabric, or wood or whatever – would work just as well. Sharpies are likely used here because in the US they are very popular and very easy to find in a rainbow of colors.


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