Easiest Money I Ever Made – Farming Simulator 19 Felsbrunn


  1. Jackson Power Washing

    Try this only drive the cutter from one tree to the next cut it clean it an drop it where it grows.. then use the loader to gather an pile them up next to the truck an then use a track hoe to grab wood from the stack an put on the truck would be the correct way to do it

  2. David Alexandrovitch

    Yep im fine with farming sim 14. We have the tree mods for forestry with the IA who walks around (which sometimes glitches if you have too many mods and they stsrt walking around your fields of corn) snd nice to see they still havent put in crop textures for the trailers and its just a jpeg image with nothing under it lol (from your pig video).

  3. Salty Nate

    there's a map i have that has a field of grass. I mowed the field and used a telehandler with a bucket to scoop up the grass.. i can get to hard to reach places (there's a fence and the field borders are just plain confusing…

  4. SpaceSmarto 16

    Well here in the netherlands almost everywhere theres a large amount of trees. Ya see dutch people like to keep the nature. Everywhere there is a spot for a tree. they just plant one there. they are actually building an entire natural forest not too far from my home.

    Note: Please dont cut down all of them.

  5. Wotb Beast

    want money just go to the fs folder go to career stats or whatever under your save folder search for money and change the money i got 9+ trillion OOOFED

  6. Matthew 1984

    Grey, Rockhampton, Australia, is Aussies beef capitol. It has multiple statues of cows, even some shops have smaller statues of cows above there shop.

  7. TrueMohax

    "I wonder if weed counts as grass. I mean its a plant like, the sheep should be able to enjoy it."
    Many different weeds can make your animals sick and/or destroy your crop. One of the worst ones are Hemlock, a tall red/green stemmed planet with tiny white flowers on the top. Hemlocks are poisonous to touch for humans and makes animals sick. The weed also spreads faster then dandelions if allowed to mature. They will seed the ground and sprout again next year, quadrupling their numbers, making removing them very time consuming.

  8. Savagewolf 29000

    Gray you have the John Deere color is wrong with the yellow is supposed to be the tire color and the green is supposed to be the tractor color

  9. matthew mac

    good thing this game isn't realistic with sheep because if it was then 50% of the sheep would have killed themselves in a plethora of stupid way's 😛

  10. WillShackAttack

    3:16 "This is my little sadness pile, where trees go to die. I can only imagine what these trees are thinking."

    I know what the trees are thinking. They're thinking: "…………………………………………………………………………….."


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