1. Lyne Lafrenière Lagacé

    So elegant❣️ Thanks Jennifer, it’s a great pleasure watching your videos… and I learn so much.😍😍Lyne xxx😘

  2. Lindsay Martin

    Thanks for the tutorials! I’ve made three of your no-sew ornaments, Scandinavian Star, quilted ball, and now this. This one I used 2 1/2” squares and scissors to cut the strips about 1/4”, so I could have one small enough for my tree. A little tricky being so small, but turned out very well!

  3. RedRidingHood

    It's a good and nice idea ! Indeed, because of the climate's disruptions 🌞 which deprive me of the pleasure to see a big bunch of true ones currently, I'm gonna make mines ❄️
    Let's take care of our paradisiac but so damaged tiny little blue Earth 💚🌍 !

  4. Susan Chinouth

    So for one star I should buy about 10" of 44" wide fabric in 2 colors. If I cut carefully I will get the six 7" squares out of that with just 2" left over on the width. These are so beautiful!

  5. Linda Johnson

    I love these, made some out of scrapbooking sheets a few years ago. I love these, so I'm about to make some. I wont to know about storage, what do you recommend? Sorry I didn't read all the comments if it is there.

  6. John Conway

    Took me 4 min to realize that you are a great instructor. You are adorable. Thanks for taking the time to produce this work of art. Your efforts are appreciated.

  7. Becky Holzhaus

    HI. My granddaughter makes these out of paper and has sold many of them…I can't wait to show her how to make these out of material…Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful project…..

  8. June wrogg

    Jennifer, This is such a fun project. I so enjoyed making one today, and plan on making more. They are easy and beautiful. Thank you for your videos ! They are so easy to follow.


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