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Easy Backflow Irrigation Valve Box – Buy Backflow Irrigation Box For Less

be there everyone this is David with
rocks fast dot com where we only sell
american-made products and I just wanted to talk a little bit
about the dekorra backflow protection covers that we sell through our website here these things
are awesome there they’re they’re really durable
there may not have a real fek polymer I am yet what’s what’s really nice about him is
there there a lot more attractive then than the
traditional backflow enclosures I am to get a real
nice shape to him and they really blend in well with with residential and commercial landscaping
I’m and these these are actually becoming
really popular backflow devices a lot of folks have these in their yard
you’re probably familiar with him there it’s basically just copper piping that’s
coming out of the ground and its candidates usually shaped take a
you I guess he called a it upside down you an arch can give and in the middle of the arch would be the
the backflow protection device there’s there’s what’s
as earn eyes RPC are busy there’s all different
types and manufactures up these but they’re basically AM valve and it it provides yet check valve that it provides protection
for your water supply I’m basically it it doesn’t allow water
to flow back into your well sophie had something and
your whole was a cab you know insect spray or something and
is a potential where the water can get sucked back in your well but the backflow the their backflow
prevention unit prevents that so long story short is they’re becoming
more popular a lot of the building codes are requiring these now and as a result allowed people want to
cover them up because they’re pretty ugly to look at
and they tend to be out you know on the yard
you really want kids running around by Arman I’m they’re they’re targeted by thieves
because they’re metal copper I am you know they use it for scrap
metal so a lot of people just want to cover mop outta sight outta mind type thing and
provide some security for so we’ve got these backflow enclosures made by Dekorra in in the USA and I am ones were gonna touch and here
are the class to is there we we call on the XL size there
there the larger size have the two and they’re available in three different
ASSE classifications by bat what that means is class 1 is its insulated are 13 and he did I’m or one other one other things with
these backflow prevention devices see you don’t wanna
freeze if they do bad things happen and the you know they can the seals and then
we’ll well blowout pretty easy and they’re
very expensive to to repair and replace so if you live in
a cold climate you want to be sure that that you’re protecting these with
insulation and or heat and this class one here includes the the
insulation in our sewer an electric heating cord which is just plugs into a standard
outlet the class to hear just includes the
insulation are 13 insulation in the class 3a is
just the case there’s no insulation and there’s no heat included here we’ll
just go into the the Class one here and as you can see
it’s heated and insulated I’m I was want to
show you the the breakdown size this is really
important before you order any of these anything
closer any the rocks as well for that matter you want to be sure you measure carefully measure the back
for the HIF the length to be this way and in the
with I am the you wanna make sure that edit at the given HIF this covers gonna
be long enough you can see how can a cash
flows in were here I just want to be sure that the with
there’s going to be enough with you on a measure that actual backflow device it’s
usually the widest part of the whole unit and make sure that the that this can be
wide enough for their to real popular mistake the people
forget and the end up with the cover this too small and that’s never a good thing so be sure to measure carefully arm I just wanted to show you here see if have better for a look at this
one quickly these have a they’re there to
two piece design so this base piece here would go down
first and in the cover would lift and and to
it at is filter media here for air flowing
are so so water can escape there’s a dual locking had lacked a abs so you can’t relax and the sticky P
secure and also here you can see where you are
you can stay this into the ground urs threw it into a concrete slab or
something along those lines so the Zoe is a very versatile I you
know they’ve got all the bells and whistles and like I said the they really look nice they’ve got a real
nice Kevin green you look to me when you when
you’re up close to home surely here me on that one of the
smaller ones here and its see this one has some other other photos here as one me good this but the actual technology that is used by I’m by the court to manufacture the
Iraq covers its a similar technologies used for the
specs alone closures surely here the agency that Canada and
aggregated look its get a real nice finish to it and
it’s really this is real ficken durable to Sri a real quality back from closure and as I said before
they they really can to blend in well with the with the surroundings and and
look nice so if you have a backflow enclosure that
needs a it is because bird we’ve got him here again racks faster
can these are very very at economically
priced specially considered air if you look at what else is out there
home these are these are a great deal does this price includes shipping so objects
racks fast at camp or we only sell american-made products and that’s about all for today I
appreciate you sitting in and have a great day


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