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Eco Travel – Visiting A Goat Farm in Ireland

Hi. I am Shawna Coronado and today I am in Ireland. Wow! This is so cool. And I am standing right in one of the greenest
spots ever on earth. It is so beautiful here. Glenisk is bringing me to these farms to show
me a little bit about how they are being more environmentally-centered. For example, the goats that we are going to
see today are not organic but they are locally grown and all the goat milk products goes
out all over Ireland and, which is in a very small radius. So having a locally-grown product means that
it is more environmentally friendly and they are doing the right thing to help the earth. So goats have become your happiness. Yeah. Yes. For your family. What is it specifically – what do you love
about goats? I mean if you compare it to a sheep, like
a sheep is kind of a bit boring, you know? A goat is more alive and going and just a
way to work with them – it works well for me. It makes you happy. Yeah. These are about three years old now. These are three years old now. They are two years old there. And there is one year old in the shed outside
there. These are about five years old and the oldest
are ten years old over there; they are ten. Straight ahead. There are still a few original goats in here
which are brought down in 2000. And I noticed there are some babies in here. Are they newborns? Yeah. Just a couple days old now. Some of them – the last ones were born last
night, actually. Just last night. Oh, and she is concerned about them. Look. What is the benefit of goat’s milk. Somewhat easier to digest and people say it
is healthier for us. It is good for asthma, eczema, and people
with cow milk allergies. And we just use it ourselves. Like I love the pancakes and porridge every
morning with goat’s milk. I do not know. It is just lighter on the stomach I think. I think, anyways, it is a kind of healthy
milk and I enjoy use it and the kids prefer it over cow’s milk. And the fact that it is locally-grown means
that you do not have all the non-green experiences, right? You have local delivery so it does not cost
as much and it is better for the environment. Yeah we use our own grass for them and most
of the silage and it is only some nuts I buy for them in the milking parlor. But it is kind of a local, Irish product. Wonderful. Well there you go. Locally-grown, it benefits the environment,
and goats are also really healthy. The milk that you get from goats is better
for you than traditional. So it is really a great option and I think
that you should try goat’s milk today. Just the food. No, those are fingers. Good. Wow. See? Everybody likes me now. Those are goats. Adorable goats. Oh! That is a finger. Not food.


  1. SilverFlame819 Author

    Well, Nubians generally have higher butterfat content, so perhaps they should diversify that dairy and start making GOAT BUTTER so they will have a reason for some moonspots in that plain ole herd of whities! 😛

  2. Rafiq Shaikh Author

    Brother Allah bless you and your family no doubt about because Mohammed (P B U h)) said those family always will be happy who love 🐐 Goats 👍


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