Edgeley Wheat | WE ARE THE BEST

– Canada is the biggest producer
of durum wheat, a hard wheat used to make pasta.
We make enough of it every year to make 4 million packages
of pasta like this one.In 2002, Franck Groeneweg
and his wife Carrie
brought their passion
for agriculture to Edgeley,
where they bought 75 000 acres
of land and founded
Green Atlantic Farms.
Since then,
the couple hasn’t stopped.
Now, they’re among the top wheat
producers in the province.
Technology has changed a lot,
eh, over the years? – Oh, definitely! We’re able
today to producemore crops of better quality
with less fertilizers,
less crop protection productsand even less machinery,and do a better job
We are able to take this landthat we were
entrusted and to give to the next generations in
better shape than it was
when we took it. I cannot produce crops
on dead soil.
– No. – It’s not possible.
The soil needs to bein very good shape,
it needs to be healthy.
It needs to be taken care ofand brought to a levelthat it keeps on improving.
A little bit like… the athletes at the Olympics.
– Yeah! So, right now,
it drives on its own? – Yeah! It drives on its own.
Like here, no hand, ma! –It’s great because nowadays,farming is not
a men’s things anymore.– It used to be
quite a grunt job.
– Because it was physical.
– It was physical!
The equipment
was hard to operate.
You had to lift bags of seed
and whatever else.And now, everything is done
hydraulically, electronically.
All the weather data
that we’re looking at
and all the technology is more
mental than it is physical.
And at this point,
it opens up to everyone.We export so much of this durum
and that’s why
we are known globally.– As the best?
– As the best! And it gets exported into,
let’s say, a place like Algeria or Italy! They have a lot of durum wheat
around them, but they know that the best
quality is in Canada.– Canadian farmers
and their families
have worked really hard
to achieve this level
of excellence. Thanks
to Saskatchewan’s dry climate, the quality of the soil,
the variety of wheat used, paired with the latest
technology, we can say that…
we are the best!

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