Electricity generating textiles

I am an alert I'm researcher Chalmers University of Technology my topic is electronic textiles this means that I mainly develop textile fibers that can conduct electricity and also fibers that can generate electricity most people have an idea what textiles are we all have textiles around us every day but I think we haven't explored all the possibilities in textile materials so by combining them in new ways by processing them in new ways we can also introduce new functionalities we have recently developed a piezoelectric fiber which is a melon fiber and each fiber in this case is like a tiny electric cable it has a conducting core and an insulating sheet but in this case the insulating sheet is also a piece of electric the piezo electric effect is something that exists in many different materials in nature and in short it means that if you press a material it develops an electric voltage in fact the heavier the cases the higher voltage we will get from the from the woven band this textile can for example be applied in in a case so you can also put in your clothing or in upholstery in a car in a bus for example and then by stretching it or subjecting it to ambient vibration it will generate electricity you may also want to use it to power up sensors in your ambience that you want to connect to the internet of things for example so this can be useful to to power small sensors in special positions where it's difficult to change batteries frequently for example I like as a researcher to be able to point to new possibilities for a material that we all know we all know textiles we all use them on a daily basis now we have shown that we can also use it to generate electricity what else can we use tech signs for you you


  1. Mehdi Asgharzadeh

    how would you record the electricity coming from the textile? I'd like to know if that is possible to record signals coming from many points on the surface of a glove (for example) when fingers are moving.

  2. Mik Fielding

    What on earth was the producer of this video thinking by making the soundtrack so loud? When turned down to a comfortable level, the speech becomes inaudible, one has to keep a hand on the volume control all of the time. It is just a bit of library music not your latest pop tune!!


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