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Empowering women in agriculture

[voices in the distance] [music and distant voices] I think it’s really really important for everybody in, the agricultural industry around the world to share their knowledge. I’m a sixth generation dairy farmer I’ve milked cows now in seven different countries. I come from Anna Plains Station in the Kimberley. Working with cattle is our passion. Having grown up on a farm I thought I knew everything about farming and it was really exciting and I knew it all. Farming to me is what makes me feel good it makes me tick. We asked the East Javans what were their priorities for agriculture and interestingly their top priority was related to empowering women in agriculture. We believe that when the woman is controlling the economy of the family then we will have a prosperous family event. [music] We know we live in different cultures and in different countries but it’s so nice to be able to connect with people, you know, as farmers and farmer to farmer. [children singing] A lot of Indonesians don’t have a fridge so most of their goods are bought on a day-to-day basis. Of course my natural passion was to go and find where the beef was. We got the bully beef. I guess the language barrier is something you know will be there but there’s always ways to work around that. Here in East Java a lot of the farming women put so much time and effort into caring for their land and their animals because that night it will then feed their family. [women in market place] I found a girl who spoke English She touched my heart big time. They are just Indonesian versions of us. [People enjoying themselves] [Lady expressing joy on a bicycle] I have no doubt that, that little girl will follow her dreams. [Indonesian music] When the Australian women and Indonesian women are communicating, there is absolute, soul laughter. [Laughter] [Indonesian music]

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