Energy Textiles: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Wearable Energy Storage

I'm Kristy Jost I'm a first year PhD student here at Drexel University and my research focuses on smart materials and energy storage I'm Carlos Perez the senior PhD student in materials science and engineering and my focus is in energy storage and carbon nano materials the goal of our work is to combine cutting-edge research on carbon-based supercapacitors with textiles and apparel manufacturing processes to create fabrics that can store energy we can use screen printing to impregnate fabrics with our unique carbon paint and collaborating with the hotel AB custom design our own knitted electrodes super capacitors are composed of carbon electrodes separators and metal current collectors in our work we substitute all of these components with flexible textiles we are able to replace the metallic card collector with a highly conductive carbon fiber fabric as previously described we can spring print a passive carbon materials directly into the knitted carbon fiber and finally we use a solid no leaf electrolyte to access both the electrolyte and separator and our fabrics to the capacitors after assembling your devices we perform various charge discharge tests to evaluate the performance and benchmarking against traditional supercut materials surface area on a smart garment is not unlimited which is why capacity per area is the most important metric for smart garments our alt textile devices have 10 to 20 times more energy stored per area compared to previously reported literature meaning our devices can serve real world applications

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