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Engineering the Valley Gearbox for Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation – Valley Irrigation

Valley engineers are dedicated full-time
to our gearbox design and support. We don’t
employ outside vendors. Since 1974 our experienced inhouse professionals have been
designing gearboxes specifically for center pivots and linears. They know the valley gearbox
and field demands better than anyone. Using the latest computer-aided design
tools our team is consistently evaluating
every component looking at new innovative ways to
improve the performance durability and reliability of the valley
gearbox. A our dedicated testing facility, unmatched
in the industry, engineers evaluate the design and
performance of not just our own gearbox but of our
competition as well. Every design improvement undergoes
rigorous testing to meet the high standard benchmarks of both Valley and the industry. Their quality is
exceptional and the gearbox life is is phenomenal
the reliability of the gearboxes, the center drive
motors, it’s just a good quality product it’s
worth every penny. I think the valley gearbox will
outlast the competitors gearbox 2 to 1 in my
opinion. We don’t just don’t have near the
trouble out of the Valley gearboxes that we do out of the competitors.

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