ENTREPRENEURIAL SPARK: AgriBusiness in Greenhouses. prt1


  1. Barletta Tv

    The phase one of green house leasing was a success and now due to public demand we bring you phase two of "Lease A Greenhouse Concept .Phase two comprises of 1000 greenhouses.Sms the word "ukulima" to 22384

  2. Armstrong Chungke

    hello Ms. Mercy am about to start my own farm am a cameroonian plz is there any way I can come for training or is there a training sector that give young farmer? plz can same one help thanks

  3. fatoumata sako

    I really love what she is doing and I am definitely interested in starting my own system in Mali. I will need some guidance. Is there any way I could reach Ms Kendi ?

    Thank you,


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