1. First Last

    Economics major here. This was a great video. I am currently taking Environ. Econ. and this helped me polish my understandings on the discipline. Great video!

  2. Abhishek Pattanaik

    Hi FinanceKid,

    This playlist has been particularly very helpful to me. I am a newbie into the field of economics and I am doing my master's in Environmental Studies and Resource Management.
    I am sure lot of us would have certainly referred to your videos but in some way haven't shown their gratitude.
    By far, this subject is my favorite and I am doing an advanced course in my next semester.
    Thanks a lot for these videos. I would certainly like to befriend you and share a lot more about economics and other topics.

    You did a great work.

  3. Robert Turley

    Several problems,

    1st) 36:42 if two people visit Niagara falls, one who is willing to pay $2 and one who is willing to pay $10, making an "average price" of $5 solves nothing, you still only have one person willing to pay the price. dropping the price to anything more than $2 does nothing to create equilibrium between these two consumers

    2nd) assuming the price is low enough that they will both pay to visit ($2) or free and that the cost of that good/service is more than that, they will both be considered to be free riders, regardless of whether one is willing to pay the full value or not.

    3rd) 46:00 COASE theorem!!!!, not coarse. THere is no R! Named after Ronald H. Coase.

    4th) 1:40 your slide was right, but you said that energy from the sun captures green house gases, it's the other way around, green house gases capture energy from the sun


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