Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coatings


  1. Vijay Pai

    A very nice & informative video clearly explaining the subject content without any nonsense. I wish all the videos on Youtube which provides information or explanation were like this. Clear & to the point. Keep up the great work. Best regards.

  2. Allen Ee

    So would pre-treated films be out of the question? I'm asking because it's not clear if the film application would interfere with the integrity of a pre-treatment.

  3. C G

    While signing the papers on my 2016 F150 the dealership's detailer SCRATCHED the A Pillar and the hood and also CHIPPED the hoods paint. The dealership paid to have it repainted…2 months later i go to get paint film installed in frequently damaged spots. The FILM STRIPPED the whole clear coat OFF the side panel. The painter never prepped it correctly and just sprayed clear coat over the side panel to blend in with the hood that was chipped. Now i can never put film on and protect my truck 🙁 I have to settle for ceramic.

  4. Nelson Brügger

    Engineering Explained, do you think ceramic coating could prevent rust in 4×4 chassis and become a substitute to traditional undercoatings?

  5. Gunshinzero

    Sooo….when is this going to be done from the factory? It's 2019. The world is going to end by time they these manufactures start giving us technology that saves us money in the long run instead of costing us more.


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