1. CraftyClaire75

    Oh my goodness, I have just had a look at her shop, i love sewing for my 6yr daughter and 10yr old son, I do struggle with boy fabrics, but I will definitely purchase from her soon.

  2. shermaine007

    If I were in the UK, I would totally support her business. The amazing customer service is so very appreciated. I feel like I am somewhat of a problem child, as I find myself contacting you with minor issues. You have been nothing less than exceptional and I will continue to support you and your business!

  3. Ruth Chapman

    Thank you Athina for another lovely video. So good to hear the stories behind the shop- will definitely be checking this shop out

  4. Mary Mc

    Thank you Athina it’s always good to hear of fabric suppliers. May ask where you sourced the fabric for the cardigan you are wearing please?


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