Fabric manipulation with Circles.


  1. Tyrone Burroughs

    I love fabric manipulation of all types and I love what you just did. Can you tell me what fabrics would be better used for the gorgeous manipulation you did so that there will not be a lot fabric fraying?

  2. Allison Joel

    Hi Diane, another great video. I have just started fabric manipulation on my sewing course this week and I wanted to try some new ideas, which you have given me, which I will do and put in my portfolio. Look forward to watching more of your video's, you are an excellent instructor. Your demonstrations are easy to understand. Warm regards.

  3. Me me

    Cool 🙂 Thank you for sharing. This is just what I was looking for but first, have to find the right fabric (laser cutter tool is great but too expensive here).

  4. KawaiiBlackPixie1

    Instead of sewing each circle layer as she went, why didn't she sew groups of circles together then add them?? Streamline the process to speed up sewing time..

  5. kanchan chouhan

    Good day, Diane .A small request to make, can you please show fabric manipulation technique – swirl fabric flower, I believe its a bias strip folded in shape of flower(Swirled) and hand stitched in middle with running stitch to stabilize and attach to dress..Please suggest if its the right technique or am I missing something

  6. Surabhi Rawat

    I really like the techniques you share in your vedios. Can you pls tell what is the pen like tool you hold the fabric with called? Dart manipulation tool?💐

  7. Giovanni 93ciak

    Bellissimo mi piace molto il suo canale è molto creativo ! Anche io devo provare a farlo in quanto all'accademia come materia ho textile design.


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