Fabric Shopping & Antiquing in Adamstown : Vlog

hello everyone and welcome to a new video usually when I strike these videos I come at you a little bit more refreshed but I have had the worst night's sleep our hotels right off the highway so it was really really noisy and the bets were not particularly comfortable and you're probably wondering why I'm talking about hotel rooms and beds and that's because my mom and I are on another trip so we fairly recently went up to New Hampshire but she's recently gotten back into quilting we don't have a lot of good cool stories on Long Island and it's not nearly as enjoyable to order quilt fabric online so I've said that we should just go up to Pennsylvania for a day and go to all the quilt shops and then end up turning into a two-day trip so today it is Friday we're going to a bunch of old stories in fabric stories and then tomorrow we are going to do a bunch of antique stories and then we're going to drive out early Sunday morning and hit up running burgers antique market on the way so we thought of the idea to go about a week ago and here we are today we actually ended up driving up last night because it was supposed to rain all of today and rain quite severely my mom really doesn't like driving up in the rain but it was kind of joke's on her because it ended up raining and it was dark which are the two driving conditions she hates most at the same time so that was unfortunate but we got in and that meant that we didn't have to wake up super ridiculously early today though we're still very tired given the hotel situation so I did fill a little outfit of the day which I will insert now this is my outfit and this is the lighting that I've had to do my makeup in and it has not been fun I'm wearing a wrap dress in the 1950s that I got from spirit vintage it's really cute it's got like lace details on the pockets on the top I've just realized I could kind of use a slip with this and I definitely didn't bring a slip so that'll be fun and then on my feet I have socks on from Amazon and the lazy river shoes from or making their choice that match this perfectly and I'm also bringing backup shoes just in case Josias lettering my jacket because it's colder than I really expected it to be and now we are heading in to zux and that opens at 8:00 so that's gonna be our first stop today about 7:45 right now and there's also another quilt store there called Old Country Store which is really nice so we might dip into that as well and then we're going to Goodfellows inks fabric outlet we're going to go to one low and antique store and then we're going to go to Weaver's dry goods which is probably our favorite fabrics during the area oh we're also going to fabric Mart so usually we come up on a weekend we have to go to fabric Mart on our way in but it's actually kind of close to some of the other stuff we're going to today so I think we're going to dip in there as well which is my favorite online fabric store I don't like their shop as much but I'm excited to go there so those are our roughly insert the day and it will film a little bit inside each store when we get there and I hope you enjoyed this video your first stop of the day which is tzuke's and they've got a bunch of clearance fabric at the front it looks like they've rearranged the store which is exciting so it's a lot brighter looking I'm probably gonna pick up enough of one of these for historic dress okay I'm gonna look on man is this Cooter's at Lake Hotel carpet fabric that is so cute little strawberries I have these colors which I have absolutely nothing to do with because they're so they're just like not colors I normally work with ah those are so pretty together oh my gosh these are so cute you need to buy these no they're joy to work with this quilting so I should make a dress out of them yeah then that's easier oh this would go with the Navy boat that I bought last time that I originally bought black fabric to go with I bought like 15 yards of fabric for that project and none of them will work it's the first Shore this isn't supposed to happen but Moda comes in here and just like takes it from my heart I love these be prints they're a lot more minimal than the ones I see in the past this the one that I usually see and I just think they're super pretty and kind of elegant and that it would be beautiful so you do with the honeycombs over there yeah I'm gonna have to come back for those I really like this so I have no idea what I do with this but I really really like it I think it's adorable you guys know how much of a pink and then over here did this moment I think is 30% off which would be cool for an 1850s dress that there's enough of it there so I think I'm gonna have to get both of those I'm going with these two so we just got out of six and that was very successful I really enjoyed that story and I like how they've relayed stuff out they used to have higher shelves and it was just a little bit darker and less pleasant but I really enjoyed it and I always enjoyed it was just nicer today so I ended up getting like twelve yards of a teal in ivory cotton that I'm going to use for a 1850s dress one of those dresses with the three giant tiers of ruffles so I'm probably not to reinforce them with horsehair and then bind the edges by hand but I think that's gonna be really nice I've wanted to make a dress like that for awhile I just haven't found a fabric for it and that fabric was beautiful it was interesting and it was 40% off which I appreciate when I am buying over 12 yards of it and then I also got an ivory fabric that matches that and I purchased v2b fabrics that I showed so I'm going to make a 1940's blouse and shorts out of that I think that will be adorable and actually relatively versatile pieces because they have the black and the pink and the yellow tones in them which are already very existing in my wardrobe and then I got some of the blue and white fabric to go with the ship that I purchased last time we were here so maybe that project finally happened and Joanne's actually carries a striped white and navy fabric that I'm gonna use for the dress so I just got six yards which will be enough for an underskirt and then the last fabric I purchased was a vibrant pink fabric which I think I showed in the footage that I just fell in love with and it was $8 a yard if I recall correctly so I purchased enough of that to do a late 1700s kind of early Regency style cotton dress so I think that's going to be obnoxious but I've done actually wonderful so that's my haul from the first store and now we are going into all to entry store you can kinda see it from here maybe notes focusing on all the rain on the window I haven't been filming a lot that's partially because of the rain but hopefully I'll get a little bit more footage in here though it definitely depends on how crowded it is since it's a very small store it's a very pretty store too I freaking love these clocks I really want the pink one would go so nicely my sewing room they have lots of cute to kind of home goods in here in the front mmm that's really cute to little ruler that'd be good for my purse maybe I should have brought my swatches this was all Kate awesome you guys must know how much I love Kate I said not as much as I love Tula but it's very close Lee Mary's on a purple backdrop thank you I would like that definitely getting this one the story's gorgeous I'm kind of on the lookout for the Michael Miller prints that I didn't buy and the sea turtle would I wear something made of the sea turtle fabric probably not do I want the sea turtle fabric probably yes they're so cute so we just got out of that store and that was lovely I ended up getting four yards of a tulip ink print I also picked up 1/2 yards of a really cute Dumbo fabric I'm gonna use for simplicity pattern I think would pair really well with red buttons and a red skirt or a red pair of shorts then the final fabric I purchased is from an Australian brand that I've never heard of or an Australian designer at least and it has kookaburras on it in a really cool dot pattern so I really like that and I'm really happy with my purchases so far and now we are heading off to zinc's slash good Bell fabric outlet I've had science at Fisher pants and if you've seen any of my other vlogs you'll recognize this but this is inks fabric outlet the most delightful of places and it's in a very pretty place too this is the homespun room and unfortunately I'm not seeing anything that matches the one I have which is purple one but these are really cool they're very thick like textured fabrics really like these ones too they don't really go with any of my swatches then maybe that one $5.99 that's a good price these are really cute I don't think I'd wear something like that but it's adorable and I actually really like these filigree ones as well these ribbons are $0.50 per school and it's all simplicity ribbon so it's like a good brand ribbon and I come back for that too I love this and I really like this one too all wool blends it's still haven't used any picking ends I bought last time right area so I don't think I can just pray more of them but oh boy do I want more of them they're so pretty so I didn't film a whole lot in there since it was pretty busy and the wind is probably gonna butcher the sound quality of this so I think what you gonna do is I'm just going to insert some footage of everything I got after I got home I got any first fabric that I gravitated towards was this wool blend and I purchased six and a half yards of this and it is a beautiful wool it's got a good amount of texture to it but also relatively thin so I think this would make a beautiful suit in a similar color palette I also purchased this striped bunny printed quilting cotton for awhile and I wanted to make a straight 1950s dress with the stripes meeting at a point at the center front at the bodice I also want to have Dolman sleeves that are about help of length and that's when the sleeve is incorporated in the bodice pattern instead of being stitched on separately now this isn't a traditional striped print but it actually has mountain designs running vertically across the fabric which bunnies are jumping over and trees are planted and owls are perched on as well as stars and filigree work throughout it and that creates a striped pattern through the fabric I thought this would be a really neat twist on the design that I had already in mind next up are two fabrics my mom found and the first one is this really cartoonish giraffe print and I saw this and thought it was adorable I really liked the color and I really liked the simplicity of the print and the matching quilting cotton was just adorable I love this bright shade of pink and they look so nice together so I decided to get 1/2 yards at the giraffe print for simple bodice I'm gonna turn it this into a more versatile less ridiculous pleated skirt so that's a little set that you'll probably see in a vlog at some point when the weather gets a little bit warmer now these next few fabrics were purchased to match a swatch that I brought with me specifically a swatch of this homespun that I purchased from keepsake quilting in New Hampshire but I wanted to find some sort of coordinating fabric that I could use her trimming on this details and potentially an underskirt if this doesn't end up being enough they found this fabric which I thought matched the kind of grayish stripes and this really nicely and then I produced five yards of this which i think is going to be for the under skirt and potentially trimming and this really tides and both the darker and the lighter tones of this fabric and I think they look lovely together and my final purchases were also to match an existing fabric in my collection and you might recognize this from a previous Pennsylvania haul I have seven or eight yards of that but I wanted to get some coordinating fabrics again that I could use for trims or an apron or just something to make this a little bit jazzier this project isn't going to be especially historically accurate so I'm fine mixing it up with some interesting prints though these are still historic prints I think they match the main fabric really nicely and they also tie in the darker tones of the ship and now I'm really really looking forward to getting started on this project and that's all I ended up purchasing on this trip – thanks aside from a few pulls of ribbon which I didn't bother including since they're not very exciting me right now just about to head into mill property antiques which I'm really excited about I have fond memories of this store I just got out of fabric fired and I don't think I feel much in the antique store if anything my shoulder is kind of bothering me so I just put the camera away and enjoy browsing and then we drove over to fabric Mart and this is my haul from there again I didn't film anything in there because I get self-conscious and there are a lot of employees there and not a lot of people actually shopping there but I got this fabric which I've been eyeing up online it's a metallic silk chiffon and it's beautiful sigh picked up some denim for some summer shorts I found this polyester chiffon that has satin-faced stripes on I love the rich color of this I thought it'd be really cool for some sort of Regency costume and you could play around with the stripes and the opacity of them and then I got some shootings which I'm considering pairing with a fabric I got first skirt when I was in New York City so I think this is the candidate I like the most but they were $3 a yard so I decided to pick up two and a half carats both and then this is just a chemise fabric for the pirate costume I want to make that I picked up some quilting cotton port this morning and lastly I got some pink mesh this non-stretch mesh and I'm gonna use this for a pair of Anastasia pajamas so that is my hole I'm very happy with it I do wish silks in general had been on sale but they didn't have a whole lot of selection of silks I don't know that I necessarily bought more if they had and now we are heading off to Black Swan antiques because we ended up having a lot of extra time a lot more extra time than we'd expected so that should be fun to look around in it's about an hour away so I'm going to try and do a little bit of editing while we're in the car and then I will show you around when we get there accent watch yeah I don't see one that's why it's called dachshund watch not dachshund actually I think you have that one my mom collects the foot print Pacific Siamese cats love these little shoe pincushions classy they still have that beautiful selling cat Victorian sewing kit just still too expensive for me I one of these at home a Geneva crimper from the late 18-hundreds it's another one of those little stoves looks like artwork I did when I was really young and didn't understand proportions I got big attentive button Garland's that's what I should do out of all of mine God knows I'm enough for it ha the classics salt pepper and mustard Oh curling tongs I bought a pair like those I'm gonna do a video on it someday see if they'll have another one of those lady had vases I've never seen anywhere else lady man oh they're Florence's they have to Elaine's now really care for Elaine don't worry we found cabinet heaven so this is an old nut-and-bolt cabinet and called a rotisserie cabinet and then over here they have full cabinets which are also lovely so this like boob is out and the need see all this folks it's really pretty but I already have a full cabinet at home and I don't need to spend that much money on anything much less another one so I could get this cabinet my figurines would look great in there so I don't know they'd all fit is there some very cool very large hat pens I also really like the left and bunnies I love bunnies in general but I don't for him to collect them this is so my aesthetic so we were in there for about an hour and 20 minutes and it was a good time but it's funny when we first started going that store felt absolutely massive it felt like the end-all be-all of antique stories after going to places like Mad Hatter and stuff last year feels a lot smaller though it's still really nice and has a really eclectic and good variety of things it's just really fun to walk through so I enjoy that store a lot I ended up spending $40 I got this pink hat which is such a missus nasal hat I love it and it's a really good size though a lot of hats fit me some of them I have to kind of cram my head into where's this one just fits perfectly so I really really like that I think the proton quite cute and then I bought a brooch for a Victorian costume it's not a Victorian brooch I can call back the clasp a lot of you guys told me how to identify the age of brooches based off their class so I was neat and that was $8.00 and then I got these really cute little bee brooches and there's a pair of them and I thought it might be able to incorporate these into the project with a bee fabric that I purchased earlier they just got a cheap double strand pearl choker which I'm going to alter for Anastasia then the last things I bought were just buttons in the store dollars for a bag of buttons so I got two bags and it looks like there are a couple of cards of the same buttons in there so I didn't look for all of them so there gonna be some mystery buttons there too so that's my haul and now we are going to Weaver's dry goods which is my favorite I think of the quilt stores definitely one of my favorites of the cold storage so I'm eager to go there hopefully I won't spend too much more money on fabric but you never know we've arrived at weavers you can't really see it through all of the raindrops because it is raining quite a lot I was feeling really nauseous on the drive over but I'm excited now that we're here and I've drank some water and taking some Tylenol so hopefully I will feel a lot better in the very near future there are a lot of people in the front area so I didn't film there but the prints room is empty and the prints room is the fast room last time there were these prints yes they still have them they totally forgot to buy and I was editing the footage later I was really sad I didn't get them so this time I need to remember them though it doesn't look like they have enough for what I would usually make with them which is kind of a bummer this is the main room all boutiques and there's the downstairs too which is where I'm headed this is the downstairs and all the fabric down here is less than $7 a yard and I have my swatch cards I'd love to find saying that we go wobble I'm trying to match this so we just got out of Weaver's and this is my haul I purchased UK facet prints they were just pulling these out like they hadn't even put prices on them yet so I got four yards of this seashell one with a blue base which i think is just gorgeous and perfect for summery dress or at least a me style summer dress and then I got this larger maybe chrysanthemum or a peony print and then it's got this black-and-white print the back and this actually looked very vintage to me this reminded me of old 1950s dresses so I thought I could pair it with this black for a sash around the waist and end up with something really nice and then I got various buttons because they actually had surprisingly good deals on buttons so these were like a dollar each I just thought they're really cool and then I got these metallic bitch buttons to go with this fabric which I think it's from the same collection is the kookaburra fabric I purchased earlier today but it's almost done a constellation style it's on a really dark background but it's all sea creatures so I just really like this fabric and I regretted not getting it last time so he's happy to see it they still had some left and I got the last cut on the bolt of four yards in fact I think I got four years of everything except for this which I just got one yard of so that is my haul and now we are going back to her hotel or Walmart or both at some point it's probably gonna be food involved in there somewhere I hope you don't think they'll be very interesting so I probably won't feel much of it if any of it so it is currently 8:10 I had quite the adventure tonight we ended up getting food and five days and we went to Walmart and then we went to Kohl's we were in search of cold-weather clothing because we didn't pack any our hotel room is freezing and then I did some packing of the cars there's some stuff underneath it hopefully we will have room before as much fabric and antiques as we wish to purchase my mom currently has a pile of fabric as well as bags and she's going to cut swatches follow these tonight so she can find things about them so my mom and I are about to head out I just went from my outfit of the day I pulled my hair partially out because it wasn't looking so great I didn't make any effort to conserve the style last night then I'm wearing a 1960s now Cistus you've been short blouse I love the collar on it length of the sleeves and then I'm wearing a romper that it got from Marc clock a while ago I don't know that's the best choice for travel because it's very difficult to get on not whenever I've teased the bathroom and I'm trying to drink a lot of water because as you might be able to top in my voice I'm very dehydrated but it is what it is and then for shoes I've got more of my roughly Amazon socks and I'm gonna wear these ones from bait I think they're called thief all-stars and they're super cute I definitely need to have flats on because we're doing hardcore antiquing today and by hardcore ante I mean we're doing the circuit that I think a lot of old people come up to Denver Pennsylvania to do but it's gonna be a lot of fun so we've just made it to good Phillips slash thanks and we are going back here today explained mom has a few more quilt fabric she wants to get and then we'll be going to your burkholder's after this and then for the rest to the trip it's all antiques so that should be a lot of fun but the fabric stores in front to you I definitely spent my fabric budget yesterday but I'm this fabric which I wouldn't mind finding a matching binding for that's that dark teal color because I don't think I'll have enough of this fabric even though I bought 12 yards of it and I'd really like to find a 30s print that would go well with this and when I say 30 days print I actually mean 1830s prints just something floral preferably in the $5.99 range as well I saw a bunch of moto prints at Weaver's dry goods that would've been perfect but they were all a little bit more expensive and a little bit more and I wanted to pay so that's what I'm looking for I've also switched over to smaller wallet so as much as I love this purse I don't have to carry it around everywhere because between the shop turn that in the shop from the camera my neck was killing me last night so I'm hoping I can get away with just having stuff in my pockets and I'm just so clam so these are going in a pocket and we are going in there this actually matches a fabric in the car I'd love to find this in red they might have and love that yeah it's going to go for something more understated but I think that prints are really cool I think that one looks better with the fabric though but it's boring but I don't want to buy both of them that is a ping on match so I'm gonna get some that as well and I think this one's gonna go back even the way above it deeply this just matches the fabric better and I do want to use them together I'm heading back to the car for another smudge this is the one I'd love to find a match for as well it's weird though it's great it's a very bluish almost seafoam grey so we'll see if they have anything okay that is a good match I think it's too green and that matches the fabric really well I'd rather emphasize the blue tones so there's this and this I don't know which I like better I like them for different reasons so ended up buying both gray quilting kant's that I really liked I just couldn't decide between them I like them both for different reasons so I want to give myself options when it came to actually designing the dress to have multiple fabrics to pick from I think worst case I could actually use this for in 1840s dress with a pointed front and match it with a green silk fabric that I have they purchased from McCall's project in didn't end up using then I also got some time work to match a material that I purchased yesterday hey I don't know where this watch went but I mean use this for binding around the ruffles of an 1860s skirt then lastly I bought the brown fabric that I thought worked really nicely the reddish and ivory homespun that I had that is my hull and I really don't envision myself getting anything from Bourke holders because burkholder's is really expensive but I'm sure I'll pick up things at antique stores throughout the day so unfortunately it is too windy to do a panning shot out there and also talk at the same time but we've made it to burkholder's so we're gonna go in there sir all florals I like the stripes it reminds me please close got some of the fabric from this collection last year and it's really hoping they would have been Michael Miller prints with the sharks on them but I think it's too new of a collection so I may have to order that online if I end up deciding to get it these look almost like a facet prints they're not but they're really pretty novelty prints my favorite like cats and space so much fruit and food some tile islands but I still like the bumblebees I bought better this is cute with the zippers and of course I love the shoes because I just love shoes in general these are those beautiful Moda panels or rolls I mean they're all bulls and if you can see they're between $20 and 37 dollars a yard so I got I think it's this color and I got eight yards of it and it was $12.99 a yard which is such a good deal still let him money to spend but if it's much better than spending that quantity love these again they kind of remind you to the pink prints that they don't have you know weird animals hidden in them they're still just really really pretty we like these dusty kind of coral colors I think they're really pretty I'm in the back room now which is where the 30s prints and they're also all of the sale fabrics which I'm going to be looking at first cuz I've spent a lot of money on fabric so far on this track did find you the pink no it's as their 30s collection yes it is isn't it grand you could do the bunny quilt out of fabric that has bunnies on it adorable it would be amazing this has line that I bought a couple of fabrics from on this trip they don't the kookaburra one so now they got that wearing did and I don't think they have the Navy in this which was what I bought if they think that's what I bought that was yesterday it was a long time ago love this color palette over here like these it's just really different things on your list i once and probably the only time on this trip store a favorite antique store called mac honduran antiques and despite that even doesn't have that many happens however it does have some happens which means I'm probably going to buy a half bag my mom never taking bats on how many hats I'm gonna end up with after this store and after the trip and kept cool so far I'm up to two which I think it's a record low for day two of a antiquing adventure but we've only been to three antique stories so I'm not doing that well I love this story I love this area for antiques maybe I'm gonna make it really fun I'll be quite busy today this is a ridiculous hat and it's by I mean Brian I don't know if that's the one that's still around today but I thought that was funny I think some great purses here it's like a lamp that has earrings how about the sewing machine the decals are in really good shape on that one okay this says it's a trowel but it looks like a little cake scooper for an American Girl doll and I no longer have an American Girl doll but I still kind of want it because it's so cute I really want to start collecting bunnies this could be the beginning did you see the little turtles last time I was here I mentioned it was like walking back into the 60s and also that they had a whole bunch of into trash cans and like 80 people pointed out those are campers but I promise you last time I was here that they had an entire shelf full of trash cans – it just wasn't framed when I was mentioning them see vintage trash cans I wasn't making up these are all table cloths and home where despite this being my favorite store I really did not film very much in here however I can show you what I purchased so I bought two belts on a girdle but I don't have footage of the girdle because I quite self-conscious but the belts are really neat so the first one is made out of a gold glittery vinyl for the gold buckle and gold star studs and gold cording on all of the edges it almost has a military look to it but with a clearly feminine sparkly twist that I absolutely adore and this belt was $12 but it was 20% off and I also purchased an alligator leather belt which is a little bit wider and also in perfect condition this is a really neat textured buckle and it fits me perfectly I haven't film mentioned here cuz it's Beslan but it's very nice yes I really want the stars I think they're gorgeous a little bit more than I usually pay but they're stunning everything in this case is a little Florence that one's Elaine I still have no idea what this store was called but it was very busy so I didn't get much footage however I did and they're getting a really cute enamel elephant brooch as well as this darling little strawberry brooch lastly I purchased a choker made out of black beads and this reminds me a lot of jet beads and jewelry from the Edwardian and Civil War era period I think it'd be a perfect accessory for costumes from either of those periods it's over $15 I decided it was worth getting I randomly stopping here cuz we drove past it so we'll see what it's like dolls are creepy enough without you making the eyes bright red to make vampires motion-activated oh they're so cute I love this one and that one and that one those are really cute this place is like a maze yeah cute purse this footage is all from Lancaster County antique market and the stores are so close together that I didn't have time to film wrap ups of each one from this shop I ended up getting a modern wool bowler hat and brown they thought would go really nicely with the brown fabric I got for an Edwardian suit from his name's fabric outlet earlier in the trip that's an extra large so it should be able to accommodate my head even with fancy Edwardian hairstyle we are now at German Trading Post and it's been pretty busy and all the stories I haven't been sowing munch because it's kind of weird talking to yourself when people are watching you talk yourself also when did this Joyce we went into they're talking about how they're using cameras like scope out where people were and steal things so that made me feel a little bit less comfortable about bringing it out but I'm excited to go in here and all of the stories have been having sales that we found into so that's nice too regretted not getting these last times this time I am the Frog she'll be mine successfully gotten the frogs so now we really can't brooches and jewelry in general in Dutch girls get uniforms I wish they had the wrong person my size so SuperDuper cute but they're also very tiny I should put the Santa costume piss everyone off I was so happy to see that this story still at the Frog buckle that I'd made so much on my last trip and I snatched it up real quick I don't know what project is going to be paired with but I'm really excited to own it then I also bought another item I'd seen last time I was there and this is a rabbit for a jacket in a size medium I think this was from the 70s and it's a bomber style jacket but obviously made out of fur there's some damage to this but nothing that I don't think I can repair and I thought this was a garment I would get a lot of wear out of I don't support the modern fur industry but I do really like fur from an aesthetic standpoint and I like wearing vintage furs and giving the garments the life that an animal died for that is a lot of hat pins yeah this bit that's pretty nice this is the same lady we need to look that up yeah I'm stopping to add some context because this footage was filmed in Adams antique annex but while we were there we have seen booths that's had plum-pudding antiques etc on them and we really liked all of us that those booths had so we decided to look up the actual plum-pudding store which is where we just did next and where this next bit of footage was taken so that was amazing we just got out of this little shop and it's a little tiny shop that primarily sells hot and it was fantastic the woman running it was named Janet and she was so passionate about hats and he knew the history behind each of them and the condition of each of them and she was just so like enthusiastic and really intelligent way and it was really wonderful to see someone who loves hops more than me because he you know I don't come across that very often and she had some really really amazing hats with really interesting unique trends there primarily from the 40s through to the 60s and I got some beautiful hats that I'm really really excited about so that was wonderful and I'm just really like in a smiley mood after that and now we're heading back to Adams antique annex this booth is amazing it's late 1930s they've got a bunch of 1950 stuff over here all of it's too small I think we have some really amazing hats from the Victorian era her agency Spencer look at work it's gorgeous mind with the linen you should be like fabric this one's great so it's the Sun I'd love to make things out with too rich for my blood but still lovely after visiting plum-pudding antiques we went back to Adams antiques annex and I ended up purchasing a brown 1940s hat with a really cool feather and perfectly intact fail as well as this darling little egg coin brooch they think would look really nice on the striped bunny 1950s dress that I mentioned my plans for earlier in the video this is our last stop of the day Pine Hills antique mall which is I think my mom's favorite and in at my favorite but they could have flared ceramic figurines and they type a place that has a lot of glass so that'd be nice because I haven't bought any on this trip and that's very sad another Florence though again not really one that I'm interested in buying she's cute they have so much glassware here it's a wild seriously if you want to buy glassware this is the place to come we're kitchen we're in general I guess it's Pericles I like the Jack O'Lantern 2220 vintage patterns for three dollars and fifty cents so it is the last day of our trip and I'm dressed really casually and comfortably today I didn't put any makeup on I'm wearing this beador will swirl dress which are you got from spearmint vintage as well it was like $30 and I love it it's got these really cool little details around the neckline does openwork and then that's mimicked around the pockets too and I specifically chose to wear this because it has pockets because I haven't been carrying my purse I just been sticking my wallet one pocket my phone in the other and I have green socks and my pink regular choice shoes since these ended up being more comfortable than the bait ones I'm also gonna wear my military jacket and I actually think the olive tones go really nicely with this I think it's kind of cute as a look but it's just way too cold for me to not work okay so I'm all packed up that was my bag for the trip I just have to make sure to remember my blanket and then we'll be off to reading gracyk so we are it's hue minutes away from renegades and this is the antique alley basically that we went all the way across yesterday and then this is Adams antique annex which we also went to yesterday several times in fact and Mad Hatter's up here if you just keep on going but we are stopping early they're renting carries which opens at 7:30 and has a big outdoor element if you see the purple yeah the purple is amazing it's a original tag on a 1920s gym uniform I need is that it's incredible hats I could do I'm just 75 on it if you would like to try it on you're welcome to take it to the ladies room which is right on the other side of this room I think I'm getting this it's my hand for scale they're tiny so I didn't end up following very much a trend in Greece just because it was so busy but I will show you what I purchased so I ended up buying two dresses from a wonderful vintage clothing seller they have there the first one is this white organza dress which is covered with ruffles polka dot ruffles to be exact and I just thought this was darling I was really excited to see one of these dresses of my size because I've come across them before but they're usually very tiny and I just thought it was lovely and so so sweet so I ended up buying that and it was $60 and then I also project a black dress from the same seller for $50 it's faded to you almost a dark grey and it's a Shirtwaist dress for the 1950's but with the kind of interesting collar and some lace inset worked on the front and back so I think it's a really interesting take on the classic Shirtwaist dress and it's a color that I wear often but don't have a ton of in my wardrobe so I was really really excited to see this dress and to get it for a good price it was $50 if I recall correctly I also purchased nine patterns the first of which is a Hollywood pattern this is pattern number 1996 and it is a size 20 intended for a 38 inch bust and a 41 inch hip so it should fit me with room to spare which is always nice this is another Hollywood pattern and this is based on something Jane Wyatt wore or her style in general I guess this is a really cute nineteen thirties or forties design that has rickrack ROM hem and it fitted waistline with puffed sleeves and gathers at the front I thought this was really sweet and this probably the dress that I'm most excited about making does it right at my in terms of stuff that I would wear it is a Dewberry pattern and I don't think I've ever followed to Dewberry pattern again this is probably from the 1940s and is number six one two six this is in a size 14 so I definitely have to let it out slightly to fit me but I really really liked both the pair of shorts on the jacket for this pattern I can see myself making and wearing both of those pieces and it looks relatively simple in terms the pattern design as well which I appreciate this is another Hollywood pattern that I thought was really cute it is made for a 34 inch bust and it's patterning number 16 86 I love this again it's right at my alley in terms of things I would wear and I like all of the versions of this sister also be simple puffs nice blast and the pattern looks really easy for that so I can't wait to make quite a few of these and add them into my summer wardrobe and Adams pattern and I followed one of her patterns quite recently to make a jellyfish printed to the pink dress I think I might used another Taylor pink fabric for this one maybe one of the unicorn prints she just came out with I think I would be quite cute this is a really nice design of wrap dress it wraps around the front and then it buttons close down the side I just think the seaming of this is really cute and will end up being really flattering I bought a 1950s vogue pattern which I thought was really really elegant and cute that I might actually wait until fall or winter for this one because I probably prefer the long-sleeve version an advance pattern for a summery dress that has really cute tulip style pockets as well as galloping around the neckline another folk pattern that I'm probably gonna say until I'm Terry this was number six six five seven this has the dolmen style sleeve which I really really like and want to incorporate and more of my designs so I can actually use this as basis for the bunny striped print dress but I've been feeling all end up drafting it myself instead regardless very cute dress and definitely something I will make in the future speaking of cute we have another Hollywood pattern from the 30s or 40s this one's made for a size 32 bust so I'm probably not shall have to add slightly but it was just too cute to pass up I love the pleated details around the skirt and lastly a simplicity pattern I don't usually buy Simplicity patterns but I really liked this with these short Raglan sleeves I thought it would be really cute and it looks really easy to put together to that saying that we will probably see appearing in a future video as well also from reading goods I purchased some really cute little scatter pens they had this pair marked as $5 which I was happy to pay their bills all nations with red rhinestones as eyes now with my last purchase this was saying I had my eye on last time you set running hers and I didn't end up purchasing because it was too expensive and the woman running the booth was kind of rude the time around her daughter was running it and she was a lot nicer and poured willing to negotiate so I ended up purchasing this and it is a necklace and pair of clip-on earrings which i think is from before the 1950s but anyone who knows more about jewelry will have to let me know this is a fruit themed necklace and earring set which is made entirely out of metal in class so all of these little beads and the leaves are individually made from glass and I thought this is really cute and so retro looking reminds me a lot of the celluloid or bakelite necklaces from the 30s though I'm not sure it's that old I think the glass came later instead of earlier but I don't know for sure I actually want to make a dress modeled entirely around this because I love it so much so these are the earrings and then this is a necklace and it's it's relatively high up on the neck and just looks really feminine and wonderful but while I'm at it with the questions this does have some green gunk slash tarnish on it so if anyone has recommendations for getting that off without damaging the coloring of the fruit or the material that was used for the fruit please let me know because I want to get this cleaned up and I want to start wearing it I'm not much of a jewelry person but this is just a really really special piece and I'm so excited to finally own it I've been thinking about it ever since we saw it last year that is it for the– hall and for this video thank you so much for watching I know it was really long if you enjoyed giving this video and like and a comment really helps me out and I shall talk to all of you guys very very soon


  1. Ziggie Zag

    If the fruit necklace is glass, you should not have to work about cleaners affecting them (as long as there isn't any kind of acid in it – YIKES) but the green on the chain? Sounds like it was made of copper because other metals, as far as I know, don't go green. I'd ask a local jeweler or try a copper cleaner. Love your hats!

  2. Carol Berridge

    Thanks so much for your video! Just loved it. I could have done another half an hour even…I think…
    It was loaded with inspiration and image reference. As usual, you looked fabulous in those hats

    So again, thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed film–hope to see another such in the future.

  3. TheCrazyElves

    Lol, they are vintage trash cans! I stand corrected, haha. 😂 Loved watching this, can't believe it was a year ago when I was first watching your videos!

  4. Eve U

    Awesome vlog! I want to visit these places myself some time in the near future, as I live in NJ and have family in PA. Thanks for thew lists of stores, they are very helpful. Your haul was great and I loved the ruffled cream colored dress you purchased. Wear them well. TFS 🙂

  5. Miss Foxy Locks

    I live for your little trips with your Mom! The vintage and antique store just blow my mind, I saw so many things that have been on my wishlist for years and we just can't get things like that in New Zealand. I've been watching your channel for years and it's been so wonderful seeing you grow as a you tuber xx

  6. Kayleigh Rose

    You were literally two minutes from my house and I totally could've met my favorite youtuber if I wasn't so much of a shut in!!
    Side note, they have a lot of those lady head vases at Mad Hatters in Adamstown

  7. Tabetha Brown

    I would love to go on that trip! I have a Jet bead necklace that belonged to my grandmothers grandmother. It’s from the 1800s I really love it

  8. Amy Burcher

    I love watching these videos, especially while doing simpler tasks. They give me so much inspiration and so much sewing envy- in particular one hat in the background of one shot that looked all seam foamy with lily pads. It felt like an accessory from some 1940/50s musical number!!

  9. Teresa Morgan

    I love the haul video. I am so pleased to go along with you and your mom.  I could see your new necklace going with a strawberry print fabric! Wouldn't that be cute? I love the white ruffly dress, too. Ruffles rule!!!  You have a beautiful figure and are so fortunate that things fit you and look so well on you. You're an amazing young woman.

  10. Limlimu

    Angela, I used to live in America for a short period of time and that was a loong time ago. I miss it some times. And you and your videos on fabric shopping and travelling kind of return me back to that happy times. Thank you sooo sooo much for that. I would love to see more of you and your hunts for cool fabrics and antiques!!

  11. DipityS

    Thank you for taking us along with your mama – I thought it was all fascinating. I live in Australia and I find your area of the world very interesting, and it was a blast to nosy about the stores and watch the countryside. I also love that first black hat you purchased – you called it a modern bowler and said you'd wear it with Edwardian I think. It was so so so flattering – it made your skin look like marble and pearl and made your eyes stand out – I'd be tempted to wear that all the time if I was you. You could be a fashion trend-type for lovely cool looking hats.


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