welcome back to the channel today we are grading fabric shopping and I'm taking you with me yes you and you at the back to awesome stock markets to get fabrics for the Fall and for my future project so you guys get to see what a market in London actually looks like and how the fabrics work there so if you're curious to see what it is thank you over the excited today I don't know why but he's going to have me cheese and what the fabric side I hope he does well we're buddies on the line my money's on get her with the fancy backpack mmm cool Exley you look good from the aisle to the station [Laughter] it's trickling well it's sunny too weird weather but anyways we just got some welcome stove and we're going to check out the market behind this I hope I find some good stuff today this market is one of those places that you could be lucky and find good stuff or you could be totally unlucky and I find anything here so I hope I get some good stuff today and you always have to work in crash a lot of the shops on have POS or PDQ machine so just have cash to save your ass like that's the one tip on giving for walks into the market it's kind of like the one I use for the backpack and I like performing field I mean the jacket is warm yeah we knew would be absolute let me see the cover Oh and now infest immunization you guys amazing and where we're gonna get them now so I'm back home and I have a whole pile of fabrics as you can see and I'm going to be showing you guys what I got I'm really excited for the finder today because it was a really good trip the market is one of those places that you could go sometimes and find something that it's totally amazing or you could a time to not see anything but today I was really lucky I went to one shop that I had really amazing fabrics and ended up spending a lot of money therefore anyways let's get into the fabric shades away the first fabrics on this pile is this tweed wool material that looks like this so it has a mixture of blue gray black and navy blue in there so the moment that's what its material I knew I wanted to make a coat or a blazer with this it's very very very typical British winter fabric so the quality is really good as well it is wool so I have to wind this else is going to each me while I have it on and I got two meters so this was kind of expensive I paid about five pounds a meter for this and I got two so to go with this material I got this soft navy blue look at like look at the details on this thing just shines and I just thought it would go really well with this one I mean this is the lining and this is the main material so I got two meters of this and this was like I think a pound or two pounds a meter so this two is definitely a possible future project coat blazer dress I don't know just keep your eyes peeled for what I do with these two fabrics next up is this black and white so I don't know if the this checkered I don't know how to describe this print but it's a similar quality to the first one and I imagine making myself pearls like corporate pants or very fitted skirt or something that is trendy but it has this much feel to it so I got two meters of this one it's long length it's something that you would use to make a suit or pair of pants for men's as well and it was I think it was 5 pounds to meet her and I got 2 meters so that was 10 pounds for this material so this was another great find I remember seeing this material and going oh give it to me so fabric number 3 is this beautiful yellow Totten patent material the guy actually had different colors he had to read the green blue ones but I saw the yellow and I just imagined myself in this like some very amazing trendy blazer or a pair of really cool pants or just something crazy like I just imagined doing a million things the moment I saw this fabric and I got two meters of this one I can't remember how much it was what I would do is I would leave details down below of how much to program the fabrics cost and where I got them from so I got all the fabric from Walthamstow market where I may give the name of the seller yeah the name of the seller say if you want to go back and get the exact same fabric you know where to go to so I got this tartan material and I got two meters and I believe I paid a similar price in comparison to the first one on to the next fabrics I think I get excited for fabric shopping than anything else I get excited to go back fabrics compared to go shopping for clothes shoes may be more exciting but fabrics though oh god the excitement is real just going there and touching everything so the third the fourth sorry the fourth material is this check is navy blue material everything kind of looks at what you used to make retailored suits but this one I know I would definitely easy to make some kind of outerwear it has a combination of cream and baby blue stripes so it's just beautiful and the feel is soft and look serious and I imagine this as some like us really small outerwear option so you guys have to like give me suggestions down below because I have a lot of materials that could go really well for outerwear like a jacket and a blazer a pamper pants suit I don't know I'm just gonna go crazy this fall in this winter with DIY projects so that's fabric number 4 the next material I got is this yellow pleather ah my goodness I swear when I touch this thing in the show cause like I have to have this I don't know what I'm going to use to do I don't know what I'm gonna use to make but I have to have this material and it's something that I know with no last very long because it feels really soft I feel like if you walk on a grain with this thing is we just fall apart but it's just soft and I think I maybe make a skirt or a bag or something but the color is beautiful and I paid five pounds for about a meter and a half this is the last piece the lady had in the shop so it's something that if you go back to the market to check for you might not find it but it was a really great find I mean if I found this when I was in uni that made some killer projects you know some killer projects so I got this baby blue and whites material I think I almost I think is this to make some kind of fitted dress or a jumpsuit because it's quite stretchy what direction does the stretching see it stretches and it's quite stretchy and it's quite stable and it's thick enough to be used on his own without any lighting so I really love the patterns on this one I love to fill and what it cost me a pound a meter like guys a pound a meter for this fabric like I just need to make some banging dress and just AM hundred pounds and a time people would believe I bought it from Zara or Reis so I'm quite like this material and it came in pink as well but I just thought the blue one looked for me and something that I would get more wear out of so this was another great find and yes yes I can't wait to do something amazing with that one so the next material is quite funny I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I just don't lose the cutest thing ever so it has like animals different animals on it I think the worst is I don't know what this is let me open it and say you see what I mean so that is what it looks like and how cute is this it's just so cute it's so freakin cute I think I'll just make like a little cute skirt or something nothing entire outfit just like a like a top or a bottom and then dress it down so I still look like an old person where I wear this on the street so this one I got a pound for a meter and I got two meters so what did I get no I got just a meter this one yeah cuz I was like this is one of those fabrics I wouldn't use a lot of even if I want to work with it so I paid one pound for this so last but definitely not least is this black quilted leather material I have something similar as what I used for the backpack but this one is a bit it feels more leathery I know it's not real leather but it feels more luxurious and it has like this like books stitches across the front and the inside hat is like into reinforced interline I don't know it has some kind of foamy feel inside and I've worked at the similar fabric when I was in uni and I was quite lucky with that material because it was a material that I used to make one of the tops that got featured in the magazine so oh if you don't know that my work actually got featured in a magazine and I'm so grateful so humbled and so blessed and I think it's my previous video or the video before this it's a vlog so I shared that there anyway so I got a meter of this material and it was two pounds fifty almost like we use this to make like a really cute fitted pencil girls for a jacket something along the lines so I believe those are all the fabrics I got a total of nine different materials and it was a really good shop I have to say today was a really lucky day for me because I've been to walk them some market before and I didn't get these lovely things but today when there are the people I met were really nice really lovely they were so helpful and I spent a total of 71 pounds and fifty pence which is a lot but I know by the time I'm done making all these garments I would get the worst of more than 71 pounds as I make any sense because I know some of these things are made to comment out or possibly three so it was a really good buy today I would recommend going there if you want to get fabrics in the budget but you just have to pray when you go that you find something that is good or you find exactly what you're looking for because the day I when they're looking for specific fabrics because I had specific projects in mind and I was lucky enough to find almost everything I wanted second tip is to always say cash with you a lot of the shops don't take card payments you always say oh wait a cashier because you're so cheap and they're like we don't know we ain't gonna take two pounds on your card just go out and use the ATM will come back and yeah the third tip is to be ready to bargain like a lot of those people just slap prizes on this material like I'm sure some of them might be actually cheaper than the price it called for me Bob because their fabrics and they don't have like price tags on them they can say whatever they want to say based on just looking at you so you can tell you 5 pounds that go oh come to give me 250 kg me three pounds and a lot of times if you are if you're very like strategic about like bargaining they would actually reduce the prices because I remember one of the fabrics was like eight pounds and they're gonna pay like five pounds for because I was like brah no let's let's happen let's have a bargain discussion and mirin says America's I speak in pidgin he just went oh you're Nigerian I'm like yes I'm Nigerian wanna let's talk the price and he finally reduced it for me so be ready to bargain no matter how shy you are just tell them Oh can't you do any better can't you give me a discount and most times they will especially if you're buying something from them that's just the way it is for tip is to be patient you have to go through a lot of shops before you find what you actually like ended up going into about three shops before I got all of these materials in some shops I didn't even see anything that that was interesting to me so be patient be ready to walk into a few shops and be open because you might even end up picking something that you didn't have in mind for my work for your project and work for your design and yeah just have fun so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video it was a lot of fun filming especially because George came along with me and I met so many amazing sellers today and they had some really awesome vibes if you guys would like to see me go to one of the markets by fabrics please let me know down below I think I might go to a shepherd's bush or Brixton or any other amazing places I can find amazing fabrics so thank you so much for watching let me know your thoughts down below I'm really not surprised you can tell nominee of us down below I never seen you beauties in my next one goodbye


  1. Jenne

    Walthamstow has great fabric shops and theres a good places to buy beads and trims! I wish I had gone to the Walthamstow market yesterday!

  2. Tammy Adams

    Hey Kim it's me Tammy London looks nice …you should come to News York for fabric haul. I think you would like. Especially Jamaica ny… a lot of cheap fabrics but looks expensive. I have to black pleather also for a project

  3. Kenneth Stensrud

    The horse are Dala horse, usually made in wood painted red and painted in different floral patterns. And they are from Sweden.

  4. Mjay Charles

    Lovely fabrics! And you have great taste too! Just found your channel and I'm glad I did o!! Just started learning to sew from YouTube 😁. I live near Walthamstow market and grocery shop there as well. So my sewing ministry can thrive o πŸ€—! Cheers

  5. Quiltygal

    Just found your channel. Great finds. Those horses are called Dala, they are Swedish or Norwegian. I would love to be able to shop like that, where I am in Australia we only really have 1 chainstore ( like Joanns) or it's online. I am coming to London next year and shopping fabrics is top of my to do list.

  6. Danielle Larrett

    Oh my goodness I love your enthusiasm for buying fabric! Where did you get the horse fabric? My sister in law loves horses so it would be perfect to make something for her.

  7. About My Fro

    Wow! I'll be back in London over Christmas, and will need some fabrics. Will check out Walthamstow market, I heard Dalston market is good aswell


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