Fabrics: woven or knitted? Which weight? How to recognize them? | FABRIC GUIDE | Justine Leconte


  1. Maggie Ka

    Dear Justine, thank you so much for providing such a valuable and informative content! Thank you also for sharing with us your passion and knowledge! Your channel is my discovery of the year! Bonjour de Varsovie 🙂

  2. Akki Shaikh

    In this video you have shown a very thick knitted fabric which was actually bonded right?
    If no then can you tell me that bonded fabric is good in terms of washing and chemical used in this?

  3. Jarmila Macková

    I love your videos. All of them. For me, you are a good designer, but perfect mentor. Don't you want to "rethink" your career? 🙂 I mean, I won't probably buy your clothes (your style is not my style), but I will definitely watch your videos because they are so informative and easy to get. Thanks a lot for your great job!

  4. AdoraBell

    I’m definitely a lover of woven fabrics. They are so much pleasanter to work with than knits. But this was a great video! I keep forgetting about weight when looking at fabric for garments I make for myself.

  5. CarolNav

    I loved your video!!! I love the world of fabrics as well <3
    I was wondering how was your experience in Chile, maybe you could do a video about it.

  6. Stevie18

    Justine thank you for this wonderful series! I was so sad when the capsule wardrobe series finished but here you are again with something beautiful and instructive as always.

  7. Mariciella

    I love this series already.
    Please consider comparing the different textures of winter sweaters (like: do I need Mohair? Cashmere? Will Viscose do the job as well? etc.)

    Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!

  8. Nicole Gallant

    Bonjour Justine,
    J'habite au Canada et nous avons très peu de choix de magasin de tissus. Je suis une " fibre snob" et préfère le lin belge, le cachemire,la laine et la soie qui réduit encore plus le choix de Fabricville. J'ai adoré ton vidéo sur les tissus. Tu transmets bien tes connaissances et ferais une bonne enseignante. Mes questions sont…
    1-pour assister au" fabric fair" bi annuel, as tu besoin d'un numéro de tax d'entreprise ou est ce que les plus petit designer et même le public peux y participer?.
    2- c'est quoi les frais d'inscriptions?
    3 – quelle sont les fairs que tu préfère en Amérique de nord?
    4- quelle sont les fairs que tu préfère en Europe?

  9. Merylein

    Meine Augen verfolgen regelrecht bei jedem Video deine Hände.. Du bewegst deine Finger so soft.. Jedes Mal, wenn ich ein Vortrag halte, muss ich an dich denken und fange damit dann auch an, weil ich es so schön finde 🙂 Ich finde, dass es nicht so streng aussieht und alles etwas softer gestaltet, egal welches Thema vorgestellt wird.. Hoffentlich verstehst du, was ich meine.. finde die richtigen Worte nicht.. Ich liebe deine Hände einfach! 😀

  10. luberongirl

    Congratulations on your two-year anniversary, Justine!!  I think that it's important that you know that your viewers enjoy not only the content of what you have to say, but also YOU.  It's really a pleasure to tune into your videos every couple of days and I just wish that it wouldn't have to be via a screen that we 'meet' because it feels like tuning into a friend even though we've never met.  Blessings and all the best to you in your endeavors!

  11. saina ki

    Could you do a video about tailoring? It seems like such a underrated resource but I really don't know what a tailor could do for me or how to spot clothes that could use some help. You have taught me so much already, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!

  12. Jane Ann

    I am taking a 3d art class and a lot of the class has to do with knowing and imagining how the material will look on a certain piece. Its been such a challenge. So when I watch this video I have an appreciate about what I could learn. I am super excited about this series. Can't wait! Justine I love your videos!

  13. Linda Thompson

    Hi Justine, Yes finally a in depth series on fabrics i can't wait, just what I've been hoping & looking for, for so long this will be very helpful thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. hello Hello

    Thanks for this video!, I'd love to know how to avoid buying clothes that pill? Pilling is just soo annoying and hard to get rid of. thanks again!

  15. P. Ross

    Loving your videos! Esp the one about stayong away from fast fashion. I couldnt agree more! Could you do info on leather and suede; different grades, good quality vs poor, tips, etc. 🙂


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