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Fall Fun at Home Place Farm | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

[country guitar music] – Well, agritourism
today is important because people want to
know where the crops and where their
food is coming from. – [Narrator] Homeplace
Strawberries & More is a working farm
run by Steve Sutton and members of his
family near Farmville. Like previous
generations of Suttons, they’ve been around the
farm much of their lives. But unlike their
forefathers and mothers, they’ve opened their
farm gates to anyone and everyone who might want
to stop in for some fun, by some homegrown and
homemade products, or to meet a farm animal. – [Leslie] We have baby chicks. – Look, this one
lets you do this. – We have pigs. – There’s hayrides, corn
maze, and homemade ice cream. – [Leslie] There’s goats, sheep, and we do have some rabbits. – [Girl On Slide] Whoa. – There’s a playground area. It’s just a good family outing. – I wanted to be in
agritourism because I believe in the importance
of agriculture. What goes on in the fields
is just as important as what goes on at
a doctor’s office. Because you go to
the doctor every year or every six months, every
three months, or as needed. But you go to the table
three times a day. Agriculture feeds the world. – [Narrator] Steve
Sutton’s work duties have change dramatically since
Homeplace became a showplace. Now, he drives more
than just a tractor. He jokes about the
extra work it takes for a farmer to be in the
entertainment business, but he seems to like it. – Had some opportunities to
play football in college, but I wanted to farm. I wanted to be, I guess,
close to the land. It’s a never-ending project. What you see today
is a just part, hopefully, of what
we’ll be doing next year because we add to it every year. We still growin’. – We always have
something to do [laughs]. We sell plants and in the fall we have mums and
pumpkins, like I said. And then in the spring
we have geraniums and lots of yard plants. And in our store, we have
jams and juices and jellies. – [Narrator] Homeplace
is open most of the year, except late December. In the spring, pick
your strawberries. In the summer, picnic
at Fourth on the Farm. And in the fall, looks
like they have it all. In every season,
Homeplace is for families, not only yours, but theirs, too. – We’re a close family. It’s been a blessing to
be able to have something, not only for us, but
for our kids, too, to grow up with. – Homeplace Strawberries & More is at 3055 Chinquapin
Road in Farmville and they’re open
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday,
Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday from 1 to 5. For more information give
them a call at 252-341-8420 or visit them online at

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