Fallout New Vegas- The Legend of Matthews Animal Husbandry

animals and farms are two sites that will crease your mighty gears at many points throughout your journey in new have a one other site that is also quite frequent is the fuck-ups from the many inbred so this wasteland has sired either because they were too stupid or just batshit insane this particular farmstead combines both of these aspects Matthew's animal husbandry is located here directly site of the raided farmstead unjust waste of Searchlight I have no idea why it's called an animal husbandry maybe there is a spot of the isle bestiality going on who knows the farm itself is rundown done pretty creepy the fences are all broken done shattered and for some reason there are skulls embattled at random points whose skulls and why is unknown I'll come to that later but it's pretty fucking weird and I don't know how it serves to increase the security inside the pans are several big horns both adult and child and the scene for the brahmins in the next pan over now they are not aggressive but they are malnourished as any farm animals I have ever seen also they serve as an excellent example of how useless CAI and this game can be at points as they just walk into fences a lot or maybe they're just meant to be stupid animals I was instead of leaving their pans by the huge fucking gaps in the fence to get food they'd rather sit here and die natural selection at its finest ladies and gentlemen there are four diary pages can be found throughout the area but served tells the story of the scatterbrained we brought that caused all this the first page can be found in this barn where we can see a young brahmana hard at work on his 316 skills eager to poo a member a theists clan or maybe hunger drove him crazy or the a I shit the bed torn diary page one dear diary mum and dad went into the NCR camp nearby to trade for supplies but they haven't come back yet I hope nothing bad has happened to them the camp in question is come searchlights ooh why they would go there when all you have to do is look into Tyne and see that is shit the Bears beyond me like there's literally a green here's around it it is visible in the visible spectrum I don't even know what these people sometimes the second isn't this barn here torn diary pH – dear diary I took a chance today and left the animals to go look for mom and dad I found him in that camp they had become horrible Farrow goes I didn't know what to do but they carry me so fast or gods what have I did so his parents are feral ghouls which is odd considering the transformation isn't usually that fast he goes look for them finds them and when they turn of them he blows them to fuck no they may have been changed that quickly because they actually arrived there when the blast radius went off but that's unlikely given what we learned later which I will come to torn diary page 3 dear diary I hid being all alone I want my mom and my dad back but I haven't seen them and I can't have them back because I killed them I didn't want to kill them but hard to kill otherwise would hate me I hope the animals don't eat me camels become girls so he killed his parents and his slowly but surely falling off the deep end he is worried the animals might eat him which in all honesty given this kids track record what he does next it really wouldn't been the worst thing in the world be honest the last page is find inside the house torn diary page for teh diary the animals they are evil they have tried to eat me in my sleep they want the farm for themselves now that mom and dad are gone they want the farm for themselves their plotting against me plotting to eat me they're becoming ghouls like my parents and they want to eat me like my parents did to many of them to kill them all I know what I'll do I'll burn the house down around me then the animals can't eat me because there will be nothing there to eat so off the deep-end he goes he's clearly too stupid to feed the animals and as a result they're getting skinnier or has EBIT becoming like girls he believes they're going to kill and eat him so he comes up with the perfect plan to stop them earn dine the heist to kill himself and leave nothing for them to eat he had this kid was not the sharpest tool in the shed but that's not all now we can assume this kid to be in his early teens or maybe just almost there 11 or 12 so why is there a baby stroller I think he had a younger sibling it's not mentioned anywhere but I see no other explanation for the stroller in which case they are dead by his hand as well the burns went to come search late and due to the enormous amount of radiation were quickly turned into ghouls the boy shot and killed them and they were buried right here in these shitty graves because that is where the skulls and the fence came from with a boy trying to just get some form of connection to his my lifeless birds he shot dead himself if you listen up there graves at the right time you can actually hear ghostly whisperings which is just it's just really unsettling I also want to point out that there are several barrels of aqua pure which is a result of the lone Wanderers victory over the enclave in 43 and also a wasteland survival guides so maybe someone from DC passed through this farm or maybe the mother or father were actually from there possibly Matthew Scott a member of the Enclave who can't be fine two for three and shares the name of Matthew Matthew's animal husbandry I'm just going to connect some dots here might be true might not be so there we have it a mother and a father go to camp searchlight for supplies but succumb to the radiation present there the boy goes to look for them and has to make a terrible decision one that breaks him mentally that is in his paranoia and his psychotic mental state he decides the animals are plotting to take the farm from him to kill and eat him well he decided to ruin their supposed to plan by burning down his house on killing himself and maybe his younger sibling but that part's pure speculation I can't get over I fuckin stupid this plan was I really can't anyway after this the animals have chosen to remain here while there because of high domesticated they are or they're just too stupid to do otherwise they stay and slowly starve the fact that they're not dead yet means that all this could not transpire to you long ago a few weeks at most which really brings into question by the parents turned into girls out much as I've never seen or heard of someone turning that quickly but it could be wrong yet despite the fact this only happened a few weeks ago you can still feel the idiocy emanating off that stupid child's corpse I hope you enjoyed the episode if you did like share and comment want to get all my videos on time subscribe to my channel for more great content like this want to talk to me the blast please to do so is on my Twitter at the end of all if you have some feedback for the video or suggestion for your future one please by all means leave it in the 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  1. Doctor Fuze

    This place genuinley scares me, I genuinley believe that the animals killed the people living there and that they're intelligent.

  2. Legatus Lanius

    I forget the farm up in the northwest's name but I remember my reticle thing turning red but I didn't see anything then I got closer and the nightkin yelled at me and out of panicking reflexes I accidentally shot him with a combat shotgun at least 8 times

  3. The Media

    The title immediately made me think it's where desperate ugly women go to marry animals because they know a dog is the only thing that'll ever love them.

  4. JazzyJ

    Technically, husbandry means management of resources, which makes sense since in the classical family hierarchy the husband was the one who was in charge of producing and allocating money and the various things it purchased (such as food, clothing, shelter).

    So, animal husbandry is the production and management of animals.

  5. Konsta Hietala

    wait, you didnt know what animal husbrandy is? ever tried google? this is the worst of yours videos, every thought you have comes from premices of no understanding -.- I used to love your videos because you seemed so smart…. no you couldn't waste 2 minutes to check out what animal husbandry means? spoiler alert, it's basically just the the taming and domesticating of animals in a shorter form -.-

  6. IsiahR

    He wasnt really stupid, so much as crazy.That was sad though. The stroller was probably his when he was a child. A lot of people keep stuff around like that plus its possible his parents could have been planning for having another kid because he was still young.

  7. Gat the Man

    What happen if he only thought his parents turned into Feral Ghouls but they just turned into regular Ghouls? Making it all the more stupid.

  8. Eddiember

    "So they became Ghouls, which it strange because the transformation doesn't happen that fast."
    I cringe whenever I hear that because we actually do see it happen that fast: Bloody Moira Brown


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