Family Guy – Peter Becomes a Farmer

Hey, Louis, you know I’m always buying things impulsively well That’s gonna be very hard to do now that we’re living on a farm. What what are you talking about um farm Louis? It’s where vegetables live yeah, you went out and bought a farm without even talking to me about it Well Louis in my defense. I have nothing to back up the beginning of the sentence I can’t believe that, but it’s not like it’s the first time you made a big family decision without consulting me Yes, I’d like to see your quietest doctor peter. Where’d you even get some money to make that kind of purchase? I sold the house And I did it on Craigslist so I also made a dangerous friend what how could you sell the house? Bone up Street is our home I mean I have three aprons that say quahog what do you want me to do start all over Lois you were saying yourself? How you want our kids to grow up in a wholesome place away from the Big City I? Did say that? And Chris you’ve been telling me. How you wanted to watch animals humping other animals what might not be okay with it That’s true. And may you yourself said lip gloss unicorns channing tatum something something no crap you were listening the whole time We’ll just see you guys. I did this for the family Just thinking as far as our next great adventure like when we tried to invade the city of Troy Pina I don’t think this is the right horse. I am 100% positive. This is the right horse. Come on guys What do you say will you join me and eating eggs fresh out of a chicken’s butt? Yes now I can be one of those sophie jeans with that. I got a farmers market Well with what’s the kind of quahog maybe it is time to make a change I been dad me too all right Let’s do it. Hey. What’s going on wow? We’ve made a decision as a family Brian we decided to take you to a nice big farm upstate What a farm with big open Fields brian where you can just run and run and be free and no one will ever hurt you Doesn’t that sound wonderful Brian are you ready to go to the nice farm no? No you’ll never take me alive? Okay, I am at full Candy corn right now Here we are everyone the griffin family fine ah look at us triumph funds here people I feel like those miners who first struck gold in San Francisco. Oh My God. We did it. We struck gold. This is amazing. We’re gonna be rich rich and gay come here You know what are you doing? Well? Oh, it’s a big part of owning a farm is crossing a road very slowly with cows Okay, okay, betting outfit yourself after he does it oh, oh, hey come on man I gotta get to work and so today sir hurry it up. Oh Wait a second I’ll get in line you Hey, I thought I told you kids to go plow in the field, but dad we’ve been plowing all morning Yeah, I can’t take any more plowing I can barely walk look I know it seems like dirty work But Chris you got to spread that sheet until your sack is empty and meg you got to clear away all that brush So he can plant it deep where it needs to be okay? Will he bat it but I think that hoe is pretty much worn out. Well flip it over you can use both sides Peter, there’s a guy standing out in the yard Oh, yeah That’s larry part of being a farmer is having a best friend named larry who I spend huge amounts of time with but never actually talked to Now one Nazi later. I’m Peter, I’m dying. This is the last time I’ll ever see you. Bye


  1. Alex Wood Author

    Safety Time Machine Key Points
    1. Automatic door lock.
    2. Goes invisible.
    3. Moves objects out of the way.
    4. Can stand extreme weather.
    5. Has solar panels.
    6. Has camera/TV inside so the time travellers can only observe history.
    7. Has rocket fuel.
    8. Rocket fuel fades extremely fast in the sky.
    9. Automatic probability control so history doesn't change on it's own.
    10. Uses wormholes to time travel.

  2. Ludwig van Beethoven Author

    It's funny, I am a farmer in Saskatchewan and my neighbour/friend's name is Larry, and he actually is a fairly quiet guy in general but I think because his wife is a bitch, his one son is kind of lazy and useless on his farm, and his one daughter is a whore who dates douchie city guys that wear white sunglasses and really tight t-shirts and drive jacked up trucks.

  3. Bass Galaxy Author

    A farm is a place where vegetables are born. Then the farmer puts em' up for adoption where they're taken to villages, towns, and cities for many uses. 😎

  4. David Anderson Author

    Larry: peter I'm dying this is the last time I'll ever see you !
    Peter griffin: bye (then walks away)

  5. Elisea van Hansen Dutch Gamer Girl! Author

    "Oh ja, dat is Larry, een deel van het boer zijn is het hebben van een beste vriend genaamd Larry, met wie ik veel tijd doorbreng maar nooit echt praat" om 3:54 Queens "Je mijn beste vriend" begint te spelen 🤣 ja ik spreek Nederlands maar spreek ook Engels en ik ben een grote fan van familie, gelukkig is het hier ook op tv op lol. en mijn moeder heeft een vudu-account waarmee ze me alle seizoenen kan bekijken terwijl ze aan het werk is. lol

    Dutch for ““Oh yeah that’s Larry, part of being a farmer is having a best friend named Larry, who I spend huge amounts of time with but never actually talk too” at 3:54 Queens “Your my best friend” starts playing 🤣 yes I speak Dutch but also speak English and I’m a big fan of family guy, thankfully it’s on tv here in holland as well lol. and my mom has a vudu account she lets me use to watch all the seasons while she’s at work. lol”


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