1. Piash Khan

    great. I have a question, why DWR is used on the top of the substrate? if used then is the water vapor really passes from the inside out ???

  2. Ian Wells

    Thank you for the info, I work as a forestry tech in the field year round working under very demanding, abrasive, dirty conditions. I am reviewing hard shell products and debating between the durability of PU coatings vs the potential stretch and breathability gore-tex pro products. Can anyone comment on Gore-tex pro's abrasion resistance? Like i said, mud, brush, and rock all day everyday. Thoughts?

  3. Paula Fox

    Question: You mention polyurethane frequently when talking about coatings, but membranes originated at polyurethane foam? Like Gore.

    So I'm a wee bit baffled.

    Can you offer come examples of the ingredients in a membrane?

  4. Simon Powell

    I always find your videos incredibley clear and informative. Some have allowed me to make much better and more informed, reasoned choices behind buying gear and some feed my geek-ish need to know everything about gear! 🙂 Keep up the good work!


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