Farm animal themed toys || diy farm animal toys bulk || farm animals toys entertainer for kids

Toby has revealed can you recognize these friends yes they
are the chickens we’ve got some pigs and some restart with baby chickens alright
we are gonna put the chickens one by one into the living space the flock of
chickens are staying in the chicken change they are one two three four cows and
some dairy cows look how is your house guys do you like it absolutely I love this place the truck is full of fake animals to refuse two whites out those every leader beers the family is leaving in the spacious
cage to brown horses oh boy – why force them well the blue page is belong to the
horses is beautiful isn’t it a swan living with these dark skies
drying a bald eagle and the neighbor of the chickens would be the rabbit that is a squirrel web far away is a
total toucan next to the waterfall are two things
flamingos they are Toby’s family and the golden retriever with three more
friendly dogs or animals must be very hungry let’s come with soapy to see how
he faced death carry some food for large gazing animals and some rice and corn for the chickens I baked Ralphy for the cows finally is for the horses which animals
do you like best please let us know by leaving your
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Sangha thank you for watching see you in next videos


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