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FARM ANIMALS at SCHOOL? Adley Rides Spirit the Horse on FIELD TRIP with class! (family invited)

(lighthearted music) – [Shaun] Oop- he ate your grass! (giggles) – [Jenny] Woo! – [Adley] Whee! – [Shaun] Hi bud! Good job, girl! Oh, this is a good horsey – Can can we please get a horse? – [Shaun] No way! – Please!
– [Shaun] No horses! – Give us a horse!
– [Shaun] No! – Give us a horse!
– [Shaun] No horses! – [Shaun] Good morning you crazy kiddos! Hi, good morning! What’s going on? – I’m gonna ride a horse at school! – [Shaun] What?! A horse at school?! – Yeah – [Shaun] Do I come to school and watch? – Yeah but I don’t, I just don’t want to ride a horse. (laughs) – [Shaun] Are you nervous? – You ride the horse for me. (laughs) – Okay, I’ll do that. – [Shaun] Mom doesn’t go to school there! – [Jenny] Mm is that good?
– [Shaun] Is that yummy? Oh yeah, breakfast. All right, what’s this horse’s name at your school? – I just don’t know. (laughs) – [Shaun] You just don’t know? Okay. – There’s a lot of horses there, so- – [Shaun] What other animals are there? – Chickens. – [Shaun] Ooh! Wait-are they tall? – There just a little small. – [Shaun] Oh, they’re not tall chickens? – They have horses, – [Shaun] Horses?! Niko they have horses. (horse whinny) – Do you like have cats? – [Shaun] Ahhh!
(Adley screams) – [Shaun] Okay, Niko
– [Jenny] Are we ready? – Yeah
(bumps head) – [Shaun] Whoa! – We’re gonna leave without you! – [Jenny] Ohh!!
– Without ME? – [Jenny] We gotta get
your cowgirl boots on! – [Shaun] Let’s see ’em! Adley’s new boots! – Last time when we went to our dock, I wore the flower boot and this boot. – She wore two different boots, it looked silly. (banging on floor) Holy cow! – [Adley] Let’s go! – [Jenny] Let’s go!
– [Shaun] All right, let’s go to the school! – Let’s go!
– We’re going on a farm-filled trip with Adley. – I need apple. – [Shaun] Ooh, good idea, get that apple. – Not that apple. – [Shaun] Not that one?
Which one, that one? – Yeah. – That’s much better. – [Shaun] Goodbye Niko! Olive and Koopa, remember
to watch Niko, okay? The dogs are gonna watch you, bye. – Whee! (laughs)
– Who’s excited? (upbeat music) (chatter) – Bring it over, and then
they drop in the barn. And this barn- – [Shaun] What? – I actually wanna ride a horse. – [Shaun] K, you can ride
it, that’s pretty cool! (Instructor speaking) – [Adley] It’s a kitty! Look, a rock – [Shaun] Ooh! – Watch. (explosion) – All right, there’s a white
horse, and a brown horse. Which one are you gonna ride? – I’m gonna ride, I’m
gonna ride the brown one. – I’m gonna ride the white one. – Sounds like a plan! (upbeat music) (Instructor speaking) – You put them on the belt
and then there’s a strap. – [Shaun] So you can ride ’em? – Yeah. – [Shaun] You guys know
how to ride horses? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Are you guys cowgirls? – Uh huh.
(giggles) – [Shaun] That’s pretty cool! – You don’t have your boots on, Eleanor! – [Eleanor] I know. – [Shaun] You have cool shoes! – This is Elle. – [Shaun] Who’s Elle? – This Elle! – [Shaun] Is she your friend? – Yeah! – [Shaun] You guys are best friends, huh? (girls scream)
– Come here I got you! (laughs) – [Jenny] Okay, mom’s gonna lift you up! – Momma! – [Shaun] Whoa! – [Jenny] Ohh, yeah. – [Shaun] You’re all the way up there? You’re walking the horse? – Whee hah! Whee! (laughs) – [Shaun] Hi Bud! – Whee! – [Shaun] Adley, what’s your horse’s name? – Smoke! – [Shaun] That’s pretty cool! – [Shaun] Hey, Elle’s over here? Elle, good job! (clap)
Oh yeah! Elle’s our neighbor, her and Adley are super good friends. Good job girls!
– So soft! – Mom, could we get one for our backyard? – Yes!
– Yay! – [Shaun] I think mom likes that idea. – What if we get the horse, and then Miss Clark can take care of it? – Yes.
– [Shaun] Perfect! (laughs) – Look at that horse’s tail. – [Shaun] What horse’s? – The brown one. – [Shaun] Hey, you’re riding up by Elle! – Yeah! Yay! Thank you Smoke! – [Shaun] Thanks buddy,
we had so much fun. You did awesome! – I think I’m gonna ride it again. – [Jenny And Shaun] You’re
gonna ride it again? – Yeah – She was so nervous this morning, but it’s so fun, huh? – Yeah
– Yeah. – [Shaun] You were really good
– Yeah – [Shaun] you look like
– She does – [Shaun] a cowgirl
with crazy cowgirl boots Did you ride the horse? Good job! (celebratory band music) You did awesome! – I wanna go see the horses there! – [Shaun] K, let’s go!
– I see the horses! They’re straight ahead! That one’s Spirit. – [Shaun] Yeah, hi Spirit! – Come on, come on, come on! – [Shaun] What are you showing me? – I’m gonna show you
where the chickens are! – [Shaun] K, let’s see ’em! How cool is this? Her school has horses
and chickens and goats and they like learn inside and then also learn outside. I love this preschool. – Yay, here are the chickens! – [Shaun] What?! – Right there! (gasp)
Chickens! (cartoon pop noise) – [Shaun] Hi chickens, come here! – Come on, chicken! – [Shaun] They’re coming! Bite my finger. – (screams) No! Don’t let
them bite your finger! I dare you to feed the chickens. – [Shaun] I’ll feed him a grass. – I dared you. – [Shaun] He’s eating my grass! – Chicken! Chicken! – [Shaun] Tall chicken! – No, they’re not tall chickens. – [Shaun] Tall chickens, come here! – They’re not tall chickens! – [Shaun] Small chickens, come here! – Here, chickey chickey! – [Shaun] Oop-he ate your grass! (giggles)
– YEAH! – Chickey! – This is the same way
I caught Tall Chicken back in the day, I just held some grass in my hand, and he got close,
and next thing you know he’s living in my basement. – [Shaun] I got an idea, I’ll film it so your dad can see. – Yeah my, my dad’s name’s Dad. (laughs)
– [Shaun] Yep! My dad’s name’s Dad also! And my name’s Dad! It’s a
common name around here. (upbeat music) – [Instructor] All right, nice job. – [Shaun] Holy cow! Look at this Holiday, you got a cowboy! (horse whinnies) – [Shaun] Parker, are you
riding that all by yourself? Good job, dude! Briggy, are you walking the horse? – Yeah. – [Shaun] That’s so cool, I didn’t know you could do that! Good job, guys! She’s so nice. – Hi, horse. – [Jenny] Remember her name?
– Hi! What’s her name? – Dixie. – Dixie? – Yeah. – All right, I’m leading ya Adley. (screaming with joy) Let’s go!
– Giddy up! – Yeah!
(laughs) – Oh, that’s a good horsey. – Dad, do you wanna- – Adley, if you stay on for eight seconds, I’ll give you a belt buckle, deal? I’ll just slap the horse’s butt and if she stays on for eight seconds…
– [Jenny] Oh my gosh. – [Jenny] You’re a natural cowgirl! – Whee! Pet her, pet her, pet her – She’s so soft! Oh, hugs. (laughs) – [Jenny] You rode a horse so now Dad’s gonna get us one
for Christmas maybe. – Uh, maybe not. (laughs) – That’s what he said, he said that! (laughs) – She was nervous I was like “well I can’t buy you a horse if you’re nervous to ride them.” Where would the horse
live in our backyard? – Oh, we could buy a cage. – A cage?
– [Jenny] A cage! – Where would we put the cage? – By the- with the horse in it – With a little cage? – Yeah.
– [Jenny] Yes! – What if he lived in the skate park, it was a skate park horse? (horse whinny sound) – [Jenny] No…
– Yeah! – Yeah a little skate park pony! (laughs) – Giddyup! Giddyup! Giddyup! Giddyup!
– Good job! Will you help me Elle? Thank you! – Whee, giddyup – Adley look, Elle’s walking your horse! (horse whinnies)
I’m not even doing it! – [Shaun] Are you a cowboy? – No. (laughs) – Dad, do you want to come see the hay? – [Shaun] In the barn? Look at all this hay! – They have hay for horses,
’cause horses eat day. – [Shaun] (gasp) Adley, are you hungry? Here, get some hay, come here horsey! (laughs) Bonk! Bonk! K girlfriend, I think we’re outta here! (screams) – [Shaun] Whoa!
– Yeah! Wait, I want a hug!
(screams) (kiss noises) See ya later, alligator!
– [Jenny] Bye, love you, hug – No.
(growls) (kiss noises) – Have fun at school. – Dad, can we please get a horse? – [Shaun] No way! – Please!
– [Shaun] No horses! – Give us a horse!
– [Shaun] No! – Give us a horse!
– [Shaun] No horses! No! No! (curious music) Welcome to the spacestation. That’s right, we’re back
at the spacestation. This morning was fun, right? I absolutely loved that. And the fun kinda continues ’cause boop! We got a birthday, it’s Totes’ birthdays so we’re gonna have like
a birthday Brawlstars bash play some video games and,
you know, all the fun stuff. Pizza’s gonna be here in five minutes, I gotta figure out how
to get Totes out of here so we can set up the whole surprise. Totes is the guy that’s
always running around with the camera. His name’s Tanner.
TotesTanner’s his Instagram. Any time I say Tanner
I think of Tanner Fox because we’re such good homies. We just went with Totes,
that’s kind of his nickname. A lot of people at spacestation have nicknames, I’ve figured. Yeah, tons of us do. It’s
kinda cool, I like it. Anyways, uh, I think I’m gonna get Totes to come out and like, I’ll
just act like I want him to film me skateboarding
or something like that. So, uh, let’s go film a
kickflip or something, and when we come back in, (whispers) surprise time! – [Shaun] Important contracts
need your signature. – Um, what is this little guy? – [Shaun] It’s a Brawlstars
guy, we’re having a Brawlstars birthday bash.
– Oh, my bad. Oh, yeah. – So, uh, Marcos. I need your help here. Pizza just got here, I
need to set up some stuff, we need this card signed
by the rest of the team – Yeah. – and then to kind of
congregate for a surprise pizza. – I’d like that dude, that’s great – K – Right now?
– Let’s do it. – Sounds good. – Okay, BRB. There he is. Our target. Also, Unit’s here, from Canada. Yeah, he runs, uh, the team’s own spacestation gaming with me. He’s been with the spacestation
for like two years. We like when he visits.
You know, what’s up, – Yo!
– [Shaun] Say hi to – [Shaun] The happy best day ever people – Best day ever, how’s it going? (laughs) – [Shaun] Yo! I want
to do some skate shots ’cause it’s been a while
since we skated on the vlog. Wanna come get some shots?
– Dude, let’s send it, bro. – [Shaun] Whoop! Catch it, whoa!
– [Shaun] Whoa! – The camera toss while
you’re on the scooter that was a risky move, I just went for it. Fun, cool, I’m gonna teach you guys a trick on the skateboard, ready? Fun trick, you know when people get ready to start skateboarding,
they run, and they throw down the skateboard
like that? Right, right? Here’s a trick for you guys to try. Throw it down upside-down,
but throw it at an angle so like one side hits
first, and then it will flip back over, then you jump on it. Actually, I don’t know if that made sense, but I’ll just show ya. (bang on pavement) Whoo! See that? Anyways (skateboard zooming on pavement) Whoo! (screams) – [Both] No! – Tree ate my skateboard! (laughs)
Pokey tree. I taught you one trick, now I’m gonna show you a trick. Favorite trick, double kickflip. I used to do these down the stairs. Scary. All right, first try, no
warmup, if I get this- (plane engine roaring) so many jets at the spacestation. They’re always rumbling
around up in the sky. First try, no warmup, if I land this first try, you have to, like, thumbs up the video
and all that stuff, okay? Oh! First try Totes! (rock guitar plays) Can we talk about that (upbeat rock music) – [Totes] What? Aye! (screams) – All right, maybe not, but uh, here’s one for you. Nice. – [Totes] I really like those shoes. – [Shaun] Dude, solid shoot. Thanks bro. (clap)
– Yeah, dude. – K, I’ll get you in like two
minutes and we’ll go over it. (screaming) – [Shaun] I got you so good! (all singing Happy Birthday) Happy Birthday dear Totes,
Happy Birthday to you! (cheering) (upbeat music) – Blow out the candles
and here’s your card. (upbeat rock music)
(chatter) – So, what happened
with the cake? It fell? – It fell, yeah. – And that’s why it’s all… – Yeah. (laughs) – And Ty went over to the cake and like “okay we gotta hurry guys!” put it down on the back of the couch, it was slightly raised up,
curved and it just slowly (growls) – “Why don’t you do skateboard tricks for a minute to distract Totes,” twenty minutes later, I’m like “uh, I’m out of tricks, come on guys” (laughs) – But we fixed it, it looks good. It looks marbled and artistic. – Prepare yourselves for
the Brawlstars birthday bash (laughing and cheering) All right, first three
people to get five wins get movie tickets for them and a date – [All] Ooh! – All right? Three free date nights. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music)
(chatter) (upbeat rock music)
(screaming) (upbeat rock music)
(screaming) – Everyone thought the whole game was over and I’m just chilling in a bush, dude. – [Shaun] All right, – Dad, I’m gonna do magic I’m gonna hop in my boots. – [Shaun] These boots? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Here, I’ll set ’em up for ya. – [Both] One, two three (magic poof sound) – I’m in my boots! – [Shaun] Good job!
All right, should we go show ’em what we got today? – I’m a kitty cat, meow! – [Shaun] Oh no! She
turned into a kitty cat! Hello! – [Jenny] Come on kitty! I’ve never seen kitty cat Adley, wow! (laughs) – [Shaun] Adley, what’d
we get at our lake today? – Trees and plants! – [Shaun] Yeah! – [Adley] Hi!
– [Shaun] Hey, what’s up?! – Good to see ya. – [Shaun] This is Zack, he’s
helping us build our dock. (clap) – [Shaun] Oh yeah. Let’s go! – The door’s locked! – [Shaun] Oh no! Mom, help! – Sorry! – [Shaun] Kevin! (screaming “Kevin”) – Help us! – I don’t know the code either, you guys! (Adley screaming) – [Shaun] We did it. Look at these trees! – [Shaun] Holy cow! – [Shaun] Yes! In style, what’s up buddy? – What’s up buddy? – [Shaun] This is my first time seeing the shrubbery and I love it! – [Shaun] It’s like Jurassic Park! – Oh my gosh, this is like real! – Can we please get dinosaurs, please? – Why does like plants
just make it more real? (laughs) – It’s way more real,
’cause plants are real. They’re alive. Hey, wait for us! I love how excited Adley
is about all this stuff. It’s fun. Hey, is that Peppa the pig? Kevin, this is amazing,
give us a breakdown here like, what trees why,
what’s the vibe, what the just- the mind behind the masterpiece? – [Jenny] Why did you do what you did? – So, it’s kind of like a mountain feel, we’ve got pines and aspens, – [Shaun] Look at this
VDB branding by the way. – We’ve got some choke cherry, everything we have here
is pretty native to Utah. – [Shaun] K So that’s why it feels kind of mountainy. – I like it, natural, native. About the dinosaurs, do you know how we’re
gonna transplant those? (Jenny laughs) – The dinosaurs – [Shaun] (laughs) yeah. Are we just gonna have
to get the tree sap, and then take it out, and like, the whole- – I know DNA. – [Shaun] Mhm. – We’re gonna get lighting, audio, and your drip system in. – [Shaun] Ooh! Drip system. This is like eighty plants to keep alive. I’m not that skilled. – [Kevin] You have thirty-eight trees. – Thirty-eight trees.
– [Jenny] Holy cow. – I will personally be your landscaper when they’re not around. (Shaun laughs) – [Shaun] Dang, we need to
get the skim board out here. – [Shaun] Do you think we could use this track in the winter? – Yeah, for sure. – [Shaun] Oh yeah, this is just
a sledding hill right here. Watch this. Cut to the
clip of Adley riding. – Whoa! – [Shaun] Whoa! – That’s awesome. – [Jenny] Come on, guys! – Let’s go play in the sandpit! – [Shaun] K, come on Niko! (Niko screams) – Whee! – [Shaun] Whoo! (Niko grunting) – [Shaun] Bye! (laughs) – [Shaun] The sandbox is ready to play in. – He wants to come in through that way. – [Shaun] Why are you always
choosing the hard way, bud? – Choosing the hard
way, oop, there you go! – I’ll turn on the song! I choose this one. Niko are you driving? (upbeat music) Vroom! – [Shaun] This rock
looks amazing, I love it! – It looks like your barbecue
cook space over here. – [Shaun] (gasps) Oh my goodness gracious! Babe, I love this! – Good, yeah, huh? – That was Jenny’s idea. – [Shaun] I know, she’s a wizard. (Jenny laughs) She’s building docks, and basements, and families, and all sorts of stuff. – Building families (laughs) – [Shaun] Yeah, you’re
two kids deep already. – Yeah. – I’m gonna plant a tree. – [Shaun] That’s gonna be cool, we’re gonna plant three trees. – Bushes. – [Shaun] Bushes? Trees,
bushes, what are those? – [Jenny] I don’t know. – I love how whenever we
can’t agree on something, we just send it to the comments. Who’s right, bushels or trees? Oh, wow! You planting trees over here? – Tip it over, ready? – [Jenny] Are these the choke cherry? – [Shaun] Whoo! – [Jenny] Ohh! – [Shaun] That’s like one step away from your Eagle Scout award. – [Shaun] You vlog me and I’ll do it. – Okay. (Niko fussing) – [Jenny] Want a turn? – Niko, do you want a turn? Come here! Oh, good job! Okay, come on! Oh, good job Niko! More, more, whoosh! Good job! [Woman] Good job, Momma! Yay! – [Shaun] You know, you’re
real hot when you shovel. – Thanks. – [Shaun] Mhm. – Don’t touch the ground Ah! Ah! (Adley screams) – [Shaun] I saved it! (upbeat music) (screaming) Ooh, good save, oh, save it! (screaming) (glass-breaking sound effect) – [Jenny] Are you okay? (Niko giggles)


  1. that lad Author

    I'm not a you tuber;) but I got money! I would pay anything to take garlicb out for the night/weekend & his queen ! I do best night ever 😉

  2. Roxanne Bennett Author

    Enjoyed the farm vlog with Adley, but really enjoyed you skate boarding you haven't done that in a very long time and as always the space station with the boys always a lot of fun times!!!Roxanne🤗

  3. Brenda Ramirez Author

    Ññññññññññññ.ñññññññññññññññ.ñ.ñññññññññññññ……………llpppñññññññ.ñ….,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂❤️🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🤮🤮🤒❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍈 ñ

  4. The Anxious Artist Author

    Now THAT'S a best day ever!! One thing I learned in my 7-ish years of riding…white hay is moldy, green hay is fresh for horses to eat.

  5. Wade fromthawell Author

    Great video with a little bit of all the greatness in one. The skate horse graphic was awesome. The dock-n-park looks amazing already. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.


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