1. Bilel Ejaz Author

    BIG HAVE FUN TEACHING I THINK HE BROKE BECAUSE REMOVING SONG SIGHT WORD SONG MUSIC VIDEO small have fun teaching i think he broke because removing song sight word song music video

  2. John Sullivan Author

    Cow moo moo 🐮
    Duck quack quack 🦆
    Sheep baa baa 🐑
    Monkey no way 🦍
    Chicken cluck cluck 🐣
    Horse neigh neigh 🦓
    Cat meow meow 🐱
    Tiger no way 🦁
    Dog ruff ruff 🐶
    Pig oink oink 🐽
    Donkey hee haw 🦄
    Elephant no way 🐘


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