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Farm Frolics (1941)

Farm Frolics ♪ Where the honeysuckle vine ♪ ♪ Twines itself around the door ♪ ♪ A sweetheart mine is waiting ♪ ♪ Patiently for me ♪ ♪ So please come back to… The typical American farm
presents many interesting sights. This show horse is the pride of the farm and
the winner of many blue ribbons. He is trained to perform in every gait. First, let’s see you do a trot. Now, the gallop. That’s fine. Now, do a canter. ♪ I’m happy about the whole thing. ♪ ♪ The way that you walk, ♪ ♪ the way that you talk. ♪ Hey, hey! That’s enough of that. Here we find the farmer’s
faithful old watchdog. Though he is no longer very active, he still does a few little odd jobs
around the house. One of his chores is to fetch the newspaper. [whistling sound] Oh, there’s the paper now. [barks] I can hardly wait to see what
happened to Dick Tracy. Here is a group of cute little piggies
playing in the mud. Well, what are they up to? They seem fascinated by that clock. Oh well. Here’s the proud mother hen,
carefully watching over her eggs, anxiously awaiting the eventful day. What a happy, little family this will be. What’s this? A weasel! The ruthless thief of the barnyard. Watching his chance to sneak in and steal
those defenseless little eggs. He draws closer, and closer, and closer! Boo! Don’t ever do that! In the nearby trees, we find
many species of bird life. The birds always… oh, look up there. No. No. Over to the left. See? A little owl, nestling inside the tree trunk. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo’s Yehudi? Whoo? Here’s an interesting sight. A young couple laboriously building their nest with a bit of string from here,
and a piece of straw from there. A little twig. A bit of string. Piece of straw.
A little twig. A bit of string. Piece of straw. A little twig. Bit of string. Piece of straw.
Little twig. String. Straw. Twig. String. Straw. Twig. String. Straw. Twig. String. Straw. ♪ There’s no place like home! ♪ At the edge of the woods,
field mice make their home. Here we see one of the most common types. Say, he seems to be a bit worried. Tell me little fellow, what seems
to be troubling you? I don’t know, Doc. I, I just keep hearing things. Even the tiniest of insects, such as the ants,
have a language all their own. Emerging from the opening,
comes a female of the species. If you listen very closely,
you can hear her calling to her young. Henry!!! Coming, mother. A modern farm is conducted on a business-like… Well, here are those little piggies again. Say piggies, why don’t you go off and play? Mmm, Mmm! Oh well, suit yourself. Here is one of the strangest friendships
that has ever been known. Natural enemies, yet living together as friends;
a cat and a mouse. Tell me, is it true that the cat
takes good care of you? Uh, huh. And keeps you nice and warm? Uh, huh. Well that’s truly a friendship. Now before we leave you, is there anything that you would like to
say to your friends in the audience? Uh, huh. GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! And so, as the day draws to a close, and the sun sinks slowly in the west. We reluctantly take our leave of the farm. Well, the piggies again! Are they going to stay there all night? What in the world can the attraction be? DINNER TIME!!! Oh dear, every day it’s the same thing!


  1. ClassicTVMan1981X Author

    Released: May 10, 1941
    Re-released: October 15, 1949
    Supervision: Robert Clampett
    Story: Warren Foster
    Animation: John Carey, I. Ellis
    Musical Direction: Carl W. Stalling

  2. Barry I. Grauman Author

    Narrated by Robert C. Bruce.
    4:51– reference to the famous opening of "THE ALDRICH FAMILY" radio show {"Henry!!! HENRY ALDRICH!!"/"Coming, Mother…."}

  3. GamerZero Author

    Those piggies watching the clock can be seen in Vegeta's mind in an episode of DBZ Abridged, when he realizes he's been suckered out of the Dragon Balls.

  4. Chris Amon Author

    The mouse says, "get me out of here?" The mouse want to escape and go bye-bye and escape from the chased cat. The mouse is free from the cat.

  5. Lapo Fei Maffii Author

    00:13 In the old cartoons of Warner Bros that would sound ? since there is in the headlines a sound symbol in case the RCA or Western Electric.

  6. DA MotoNeko Author

    I like how lighthearted this all was. Even the cat and mouse where just sleeping next to eachother with the cat snuggling the mouse like a teddybear 😀

  7. hebneh Author

    Most of these gags are so tied to the time this cartoon was released (1941) that I'm sure most viewers today don't know who or what's being satirized…Eddie Cantor, Yehudi Menuhin, Henry Aldrich, Zasu Pitts, etc.

  8. Noah Partic Author

    I used to watch this back in the 80's & it's still worthy today. The horse cantor was okay with me so screw the host there. A word to the pigs…Damn, don't slam your mom so hard.

  9. steamerthesteamtrain Author

    I don't understand why the weasels face turns green, he's not disgusted or anything he's scared. So in that logic he should turn white as a ghost.

  10. Samuel Machado Filho Author

    Lançamento nos EUA: 10 de maio de 1941 (sábado). Produção: Leon Schlesinger. Direção: Bob Clampett. Roteiro: Warren Foster. Animação: John Carey, Izzy Ellis, Robert McKimson e Rod Scribner. Cenários: John Didrik Johnsen, Johnny Johnson e Richard H. Thomas. Edição de imagens e efeitos sonoros: Treg Brown. Música e direção musical: Carl Stalling. Orquestrações: Milt Franklyn. A presente cópia é do relançamento feito em 15 de outubro de 1949 (também um sábado).

  11. Lil_A_20 2.0 Author

    Vegeta: Jesus, I overslept…
    It's already nighttime…
    For the first time I got here…
    On a planet with three suns…

    oh YOU MOTHERF(UCKERS!!!(cut back to Gohan))
    Piccolo(off-screen):OW MY EARS!


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