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Farm Hands & Leg Arms

why is the big butt out
and who is driving it when I’ve got dad and leg arms at me right here welcome back guys the channel right
where we left off canvas on header needs to go on this is the header we just
fixed so we’re gonna go ahead and start going through these things more than
we’ve been already got a bunch of parts we got to get we’re making a list when
we get that figured out we’ll make a parts run come back and finish these
things off and move on to the next next project anyways let’s do it hang tight
enjoy okay well we got it tight for the most
part we’re probably tighten it some more well I’m gonna run it and then we’re
gonna get that section the seem to be on the top and then we get finished tighten
all the bolts up on that I didn’t get to the nuts Tikes I couldn’t get out them
fire up there we go got to be careful with those things
they’re a little war can’t see if I stab myself in my hand the bats have little
ribs on them and they’re carbon fiber little carbon fiber rods they put and
mold it into the rubber well the ends of War Alps and I was a little carbon fiber
rods or pins are sticking out and stabbed and everything that crabs Adam there we go
okay got it team two on top leg arm just getting up there tightening it up he’s
gonna make sure they’re all snug and then we got to do some more tires think
tires might be up next tires and fluids on the head or make sure the reservoir
on the header is all full of oil and check the tire pressure then we need
grease everything – all right I think the headers are pretty much good
to go still got to put some new nylon skid plates on the bottom of these
things I think they’re called the skid shoe or something like that have to go
get those a couple random parts like that but I want to do right now is I’m
gonna pull a module or a concave out of this thing I know they were gone through
before we purchased that might or Gerson’s a local case dealership but I’m
a little unsure how the wearer edges on these are and I’d like to look at them
but inspect to see if maybe we need to get some new hard threshing concaves
because I got a feeling in our crops you’re gonna be pretty hard to Thresh
Thresh is a term you use for taking the kernels out of the heads you need sharp
edges do a good job and if you don’t you’ll have loss you’ll have a dirty
sample it’s got to be clean so I’m gonna pull out one of these I think this front
one right there we’ll see how easy to take out they made these ones smaller
now so it’s not like nearly as heavy has taken out the old ones that we used to
have but still looks like it might be a bit of a challenge in this out so we’ll
see how it goes just find out so when I mentioned earlier while
checking the oilmen header what I mean by that is there’s a natural reservoir
built through the frame of this header that holds hydraulic oil because this
header is driven almost entirely by hydraulics the PTO coming off this
Peterhouse here powers this gearbox here which has a big old hydraulic pump on it
and that pump supplies power to the motors which run all the can Bayer belts
the center Draper the side Draper’s well as much other piece of still those
hydraulics our self contained within the header they don’t share from the combine
now there are hydraulics like the reel and the cylinders that raise the reel up
and down and forward and aft that is shared by the hydraulics of the combine
and that’s what this connector is right here what you got to make sure you check
the hydraulics and so right here there’s a sight glass
this one’s dark kind of clouded over it’s probably been in sunlight this one
white so it’s got enough oil I just open the cap up
you can see inside plenty of oil in there not an issue at all but I do want
to do is I think I want to change the hydraulic filter on this these are new
headers to us I have no idea that last time this filter has been changed it’s
hiding behind this cover right here so I’m gonna take these bolts off grab the
filter numbers get two orders I’m gonna do both headers and then put a new
hydraulic filter out here – I lost that bolt where did that thing go it didn’t
even go that far where to go gotta be kidding me come on bolt free hidin
died do you guys see it am I the only one that ever deals with
stuff that falls down and they make zero sense we’re Lance yeah I don’t know I
just have no idea where that thing with I got to look for it I have an idea
let’s try this trick I’m gonna reenact that moment we repel and this one’s
gonna fall right with the other one away okay let’s take a look nope sniper went but I am looking for
this I bet it’s under the tread somewhere or
I’m blind we’re dropping it down 30 we’re gonna
check the level but I think the idea is we want to get these down about 20 psi so this should this should be good but
it’d be nice if we keep little more air in the back if that was enough to keep
calm I level rather than having to readjust the way these rear wheels sit
with these bolts right here we really don’t want to mess with that this thing has 50 pounds of error we got this gearbox right here it could
just be like a chain case of some kind or gearbox I’m gonna tell you how it’s
Ryan but the way level in this I’m assuming this is the full level plug
that’s the drain plug and this is a fill plug up here I don’t have the header on
the ground I suspect and I don’t see any instructions on how to do this that I
probably need the header dropped all the way to the ground to check that
accurately but I’m just gonna open up a little bit just see it the oil leaks out
if I see oil come out then I know that there’s a least enough oil at this plug
right here so he’s got to carefully kind of work it don’t let it come all the way
out or as I might have a big mess here I just want to see a goal yeah if the oil
comes out there is and I know at least we’re not out of oil it looks like yeah
there’s oil there yeah dripping out so that’s good to know now I’m gonna
find out what kind of oil this thing he was is I think I’m gonna drop the oil
out of them so why don’t I just check the level I’m gonna drop that’s a good
question both these headers have this gearbox
here this runs the hydraulic pump as well as drives I think the center drum
in the feederhouse and I can check the oil level make sure make sure that
there’s oil in this thing let alone because we don’t know previously ran it
I should probably drop it and we’ll see what it looks like but at least I can
have an idea is there we all in this unit yep just pull the plug
oil came out a lot of sparkly stuff on that I don’t like that let’s look at this closer maybe I might
want to drop that oil there’s filings than that after looking
closer I think it was just the threads of the aluminum casting as I was taking
out the drain plug that wood had a little sparkles and because I drained a
little teeny bit more out and it looks fine so false alarm oils good I’ve spent
some time in those combines I got a pretty good idea on what kind of parts I
need so I’m gonna go ahead and head to the local dealership tour Gerson’s
and grab a bag of all kinds of mix and mash parts especially clothes headers
that’s the main thing we just don’t have a lot of parts to them because well we
never had those headers before a couple things like combines but nothing too
serious so let’s uh let’s make this roadtrip come back get that done this is
the original location of Tor Gerson’s and primarily a case IH dealership and
we’ve got a lot of bids with these guys that’s where we got our combines from
we’ve got tractors from here we’ve got all kinds of stuff this place so well
the awesome part is they’re only about ten miles from our from our farm so it’s
really easy to make trips here without really worrying about spend a lot of
time on the road and that’s that’s a big thing for farms having close dealerships
so let’s get back on the road get back to the farm and then maybe take the
weekend off baby I don’t know I always say that
okay is that my quad track
I think that’s my 580 from the spring I know where he’s at but I can find the
keys hey so you guys wanna see something kind of fun it’s just down the road hang
on I’ll take you there these babies were put up a few years ago
and I see a few years ago I mean like over ten years ago it’s wind farm just
outside of a half the ridge of Montana which isn’t far down the road for where
we live there’s about five hundred and some of these around the area look who showed up my plus if you don’t
know my class you should check him out he’s got a sweet channel on YouTube and
he’s basically versatile guy well we got to meet up with him about nine months
ago yeah down the pub nine months and that was a fun time we actually finally
got to meet and got a BS a little bit and and but this guy’s heading on
through and guess what he wanted to stop here stop the subway and Shelby Montana
and I just dawned on me that this is where Welker farms is from and I just
try to find him well yeah he found us he found us and he won’t go away in the
back door of the shop I don’t know where the back door is that’s the problem fortunately for us he didn’t try to
steal it he’s coming back and awful if you did try to steal it he can only go
12 miles an hour so I can probably run up to him on foot yeah it’s farming Mike thanks my first
big bud first time driving a big bud I guess we’ll let this one slide I
wasn’t sure at first if I needed to rip him out of the cab but looking at this
situation I think it was wise I didn’t attempt that so he gets to go on this
one I guess okay I guess can I go sprayed you need anything spray I am a
farm here I can work for you I can you got big roads out here big fields no
trees yeah I think I can do it okay I trust Mike I trust Mike the only problem
is this one goes 50 miles an hour instead of 12 so if he gets away in this
one it’s getting a little harder to track him down
all right I’m just gonna go ahead and pop in this tiny cab with uh with Mike
here yeah I got the armrest up yeah we’re gonna give him the lowdown so it’s
just basically an Allison Transmission you’ve got neutral Drive and reverse
roll the air get really simple your parking brakes yellow so if I press the
parking brake in okay right and then let friends drive
yep everybody’s clear yep and it’s in high right now high range you got low
and high okay so you’ll be going max with me at this all right we roll I’m RI have you noticed as the travel speed
recommended right here not over 80 ml okay so keep it keep it under 80 that’d
be great it has a speed limit here Montana it is a UTS tickets I think I
don’t know what gravel is I’ve heard it’s 75 I don’t know if that’s true or
not all I know is we try to push it when we can this looks like that Road on
Napoleon Dynamite oh yeah kind of does Mike did a great
job excellent job I’m pretty sure if he
wants to come out here and do some spraying for us we’ll let him do it yeah
it’d be fun okay he did a good job again drove a bud drill big brute is making
everybody jealous on YouTube yes I had an three this actually doesn’t have that
many hours on it it’s probably yeah I don’t know how many it’s that’s not a
lot of actually we don’t drive it that much we really don’t I’ll trade you this
for parts for the versatile Mike’s a snowmobiling guy you didn’t know here’s the real reason why I came so far
man might buy this in restore I think far man do you realize you’re opening a
can of worms yeah you’re gonna get a lot of harassment saying yes I know but I
already know the this model is actually one of my favorite models they’re really
I love the 11 50s in the 1156 is absolutely it look mean it looked me in
the eye that aftermarket that’s totally yeah someone made all right guys well
mike has to leave unfortunately yeah it’s been fun having him here he was
able to stop through on a trip through Canada yeah Canada I’ve worked my way
back to Ohio so coming right by your place so he’s gonna leave the dry
country get back to the wet country hopefully bring some less dryness your
guys’s way cuz I guess that’s what you guys want yeah we got a lot of humidity
so I am enjoying the weather here it’s time to get back to reality if you guys
don’t know Big Mike Mike les runs a really good YouTube channel and an
Instagram page make sure you guys check them out it’s farmhand Mike farm in Mike
on Instagram if you type in farmhand Mike on YouTube that will probably come
up too but just Mike les farmhand Mike come on there yeah we ran into Mike a
couple times with some recent farm shows you usually have the big farm show so
make sure you go to versatile booth and check them out yeah and I’ll see you in
about a month I said farm progress farm progress the key to Illinois I’ll be
there so anyways guys if you want to see a lot of sweet tractor stuff this guy’s
got some really good footage worth checking on this channel go stop by and
say hi but yeah thanks good stuff well we’re having me talk to you hopefully
soon thanks okay well guys how’s a lot of random stuff with Mike visiting and
windmills and parts it’s just been crazy the last couple weeks because we get a
little bit of farm work done and then summer life happens but we’re finally in
the gear to get this stuff done Gary for harvest cuz that crop out there
it’s changing the yellow really fast so thanks for watching the channel
subscribe like comment definitely love it
stay tuned for the next video there’ll be more and hopefully it’s exciting and
fun it just greatest timing your life cuz I’m having a good time here Beast
vines right over there ok take care god bless


  1. Rafid Ishak Author

    Good job Nick.fair enough you want to be mobile with your camera…but sometime using only one hand can be hectic….please stay safe ….the youtube comunity needs you guys…cheers

  2. BlueDually4x4 Author

    Parts or tools falling to the ground don't bother me, its when you don't hear them hit the ground that its a real headache. Checking fluids in anything you haven't ran is a good practice to be in, I usually do a better job pretriping or inspecting things someone else normally runs than the stuff I run all the time.

  3. Chris Campbell Author

    I watch those wind generators being trucked from the Port of Houston north everyday on my commute from work. They are huge when you see them on trucks

  4. Tyler Herndon Author

    This may be a stupid question but can anyone confirm that the roller that has fingers on it( the top bar that looks like a big comb) is it designed to stand the crop up?

  5. Redeemed Farmer Author

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  6. Brandon Gustafson Author

    I feel your pain man I have lost more nuts and bolts then I can even count and that's only from working around my house speaking of I lost one today lol

  7. Andy Mouser Author

    An Awesome Video…
    Great to see Farmhand Mike hanging out with you guys on your farm finally…
    Yes, you can tell he definitely wants your Versatile, and he would have a really great chance to get it restored back to OEM Specs…
    And you know he loved driving the Big Bud and Big Brute…
    Look forward to watching more pre harvest videos of getting the Combines ready to start Cutting Crops…
    Thanx to You and Your Family for what you do…
    Thanx for being a Farmer and…
    Thanx for sharing…

  8. Andy Mouser Author

    Oh i forgot to ask…
    After seeing that great Wind farm…
    Has your family ever considered diving into having some of them erected around in various places on your farm that are not farm-able…
    Just think….
    Free POWER for The Farm, Forever…

  9. karen stipp Author

    whats up welker farms mike less was filming a corn combining video a few miles from my farm in the town of somerset about half mile from lake Ontario I wished he would have stopped by my farm by the way I have a lot of RED EQUIPMENT too AL STIPP STIPP FARMS III

  10. barry dansereau Author

    Hi from Saskatchewan Canada, I enjoy your channel very much! I would like to know is your farm the only one that has three BIG BUDS working the land? Also if you sell the Versatile tractor it would be awesome if you purchased one of the BIG BUDS from the fire at the dealership and rebuilding one to operational status. I know leg arms would like to have maximum horsepower!!!!! Build the BIG BUD with the most horsepower to exceed the Big Bud 747 if you exceed the 747 the rest will be history. your farm will have the most horsepower in a BIG BUD!!!!! I'm sure you can source an engine that exceeds 1100 hp.

  11. Michael Edwards Author

    That's is so amazing about the header ran by hydraulics. Back in the day we had a John deere 79 6620 combine. Talk about getting a forearm workout with that grease gun. Lol. Technology…gotta love it.

  12. Rivierstad Author

    Wow, 2 great guys in 1 video! Farming is one of the few industries where farmers are not directly in competition with each other. Thanks Welker's for hosting Mike!

  13. Vince Oginski Author

    You most definitely are not the only one that when doing mechanic work something falls and finds the dumbest place to go lol

  14. Marty Hopperstad Author

    Mike had a nice D & L equipment versatile shirt on. I am located only about 10 miles from that dealership in northern Iowa. Do lots of business with them. Very cool!

  15. Newall Author

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  16. arrowhead326 Author

    6:00 you're not alone, nuts and bolts seem to grow legs and take off when dropped. I work on a flat concrete slab, nowhere to hide and any nut or bolt I drop even from a few inches always manages to make it 5-10 foot away

  17. James Cannon Author

    Work on cars for a living, happens almost daily. The ones you think don't go far are the ones that grow some legs and walk away on ya.

  18. Wikkitt Klown Author

    Awesome video as always. Your editing is above and beyond anything else. So cool to see a guy smile driving old tractors. Makes me miss my grandpa that much more.

  19. F.E.A.R For Catfish Author

    Nice video, I just downloaded your map for the ps4 and didn't realize how even the smallest field makes most equipment look like a baby

  20. Eric Holder Author

    You don’t have to take bottom bolt off for the concave isn’t it a bolt that goes through a dowel pin I just take the top two lose and pull them out bottom just goes over that dowel

  21. Tim H Author

    Don't worry Mike, there is nothing but flat land out there while driving the Brute but Nick did manage to hit a house with it. 😉

  22. Bigchief815 Author

    Nick talking, turn volume up to 10 to hear him. Music comes on and speakers fly across the room as music level is 10 times louder than voices. Some audio leveling software is seriously needed. Otherwise great video as usual.

  23. Daniel Demetre Author

    Great videos guys! Do these new machines give you options for in cab alarm sounds? I can't imagine spending what one of those machines cost and have to listen to the IDF(Indirect Fire) attack siren from Afghanistan (1:36) every time I run my machine. lol.
    Keep up the good work!

  24. AdamTh1 Author

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    Fog Horn Leghorn (You gotta be a magician to keep a kid's attention more'n two minutes nowadays)

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    If Mike was serious about buying the Versatile 1150 and restoring it he would be the perfect person.You know with his contacts he could find the parts to fix it and also give it a good home.Just a thought Nick you and Legarms could give him a hand you guys have a shop and with the three of you together nothing would be impossible.

  27. Matthew Taylor Author

    Not a fan of the bird blenders. Wind and solar will never be base-load generation. Liberal/socialists who advocate for them are hypocrites, given that they slaughter birds, including Eagles, by the hundreds – maybe thousands – every year.


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