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Farm-in-a-Box at RIT

>>A lot of people don’t think about technology
when it comes to farming. But here at RIT, there are so many innovations
taking place all around. So, we’re inside the RIT hydroponic farm. It’s built inside an upcycled shipping container,
so it’s insulated all the way around. It contains all of the hydroponic equipment
to grow plants 365 days a year. A hydroponic farm is a farm that uses no soil. It basically meets all the plants’ needs through
the nutrients that are placed in the water, which does most of the work. We provide lighting and climate control. It enables us to use fewer resources. Even on the small footprint of about 340 square
feet, we can produce about 500 plants per week. We’re doing several varieties of lettuce,
several varieties of dark leafy greens like kale, arugula, tatsoi, Swiss chard. We serve hyperlocal produce with an extended
shelf life and great quality.

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