Farm Vlog #101 Packt der Case den Pflug ? (Winterfurche/Plowing) (German farming ENG Subtitles)

Hello there! And welcome to my first farm vlog in this year… I hope you all made a good start into the year, with your friends, relatives, or whoever you have… Alright, new year, new luck?! Anyways, there are many changes to be made this year. What am i currently doing? As you can see, I’m on the field… and I’ve been plowing for a while behind my Case, there’s the three-bladed plow attached. Usually, I have this one in combination with the (Case) 744 But this time I tried attaching it to this one (75 C) It’s a great fit, even though some people wrote in the comments that maybe the Case wouldn’t cope with it that well. There’s surely no problem, however on the street, with that plow attached, you really need the front-end loader. Without it… I wouldn’t dare to drive it, because it gets too light in the front Even with the front-end loader, little bumps in the street will let you notice that the front end is getting a bit light You’ll definitely need this one -Or you detach the front-end loader and get some additional weights in the front, depending on the situation you’ll have to balance it out. You might wonder what I’m doing and why… I’m now preparing those fields where oats are going to be sown into, eventually. Depending on climate, oats are to be sown at the end of February or early March… Sometimes even midst of March All depends on what the weather does, of course. That’s why we’re plowing now… We’re getting the ”winter plowing” done, that being a depth of around 20 – 25 cm. We’re thereby working the greens into the ground I have already filmed before this, when it finally got a bit brighter as I’ve been doing this for a while now. When I started out it was still dark, so I didn’t film anything. Because you wouldn’t see anything, right?! And I’d like you to actually see something of the work we do… Alright, here we’ve got some mustard Mustard is one of the so-called nitrogen collectors… Which means that it binds all the nitrogen in the ground. Then, it freezes off during winter, however this one hasn’t yet. It’s then worked into the ground again and… eventually rots over time which will create humus, thereby re-fertilizing the soil… It somewhat protects against erosion Because if the soil would just lie bare… just like down there, the potato crops I plowed before… We actually wanted to sow some greens there…. And we did! But was too late, unfortunately. Because it was simply to wet and too cold… It actually started growing a bit, but… Well… It was too late, nothing decent came out of it. That’s why the ground that has been bare… Was extremely solidified now and hard to plow. And I’ve been using… the third (field-) gear with 5 Km/h It was somewhat of a fight and sometimes there was less grip Because the surface is that frozen… Currently, it’s Minus 3 degrees C And i’m actually getting chilly in my sweater… I’ll get the camera down and show you. Now you see what large pieces these are. Like concrete slabs… And with that frozen ground, the profile of the tractor’s tyres sometimes loses traction and just grinds over the ground. That’s more a question of accessibility of the soil than it is of the tractor’s performance. But as it is going now, the three-bladed plow is doing a good job. Right now, I won’t plow all the rest here,… Because as you can see, there’s still old, rotten Straw lying around here, which we’ll spread out first When it is spread out, we’ll just work it into the ground, together with the greens we have. The stuff I’ve been working on this morning was mustard, as well. And as I mentioned, these are the fields where the oats will be later. Well, what else is there to say? The plow…?! Oh, maybe I should thank my buddy for lending it to me. Shoutouts to you! I’m happy to have it for now, surely don’t take it for granted, even though in our circle of friends cooperation works great. And I want that to continue throughout this year… Why shouldn’t it, right? People should support each other. And it actually works outstandingly That way, life is just better, easier, more beautiful… Yeah, you get what I’m saying. I’m really happy you’re with me in this year, again. Prepare for some new action on here. Well, maybe I shouldn’t go to far here… Nah, c’mon! It’ll be just right! The first machine that I know for sure is going to be replaced is going to be the harvester. And a few of you actually heard the news, already And well… I’m not going to tell you which harvester it is but you’ll see soon enough when it comes delivered with the forwarder. I’d say now I’m going to clean up the plow and see you back at the barn, after that, see you there!(#change of plan) Alright, back at the barn I’ve cleaned up the plow a bit and I’ve decided to do some ”spontaneous” plowing on the way I’ve plowed that one field on my way here And it actually worked out, but… As you can see on the tyres, it got quite muddy towards the end, so that’s Feierabend (Ger: ”End of working day”) for today. I’ll put the plow down somewhere, I guess I’ll find a good spot for it. About the greening on the fields: It’s an ”autumn greening”, which we’re allowed to plow in after November 15th. There’s also the ”winter greening” Which we wouldn’t be allowed to work into the ground just yet, so you gotta watch that. By now, we cannot plow all the greening we have. Sometimes we also use the cultivator, whatever fits the situation. And those fields where summer grains or oats are sown into… Or up where I’ll plant the potaotes… Were already prepared by now… At least as far as I could, and during the next weeks we’ll get the cultivator and… then all the mustard is going to be worked into the ground And after that, we’ll commence with the sowing. Until then… There’s still some time left and when it all finally starts you’ll definitely get to see it. Alright, that’s it for today, I hope you liked the video and we’ll see again, soon! Take care!


  1. Deutz Dx 3.30 Author

    Moin Land Freak wünsche dir erst mal ein frohes neues Jahr mit viel Glück und Gesundheit.Deine Videos werden immer besser . Einfach nur klasse 👍.Das Video wird bestimmt super .
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  2. Fa. Drexler Brennholz Author

    Würdest du die Vorderachse mehr schonen wenn du frontgewichte ran hängen würdest statt frontlader oder bleibt sich das gleich ?

  3. Angellocher Agravideos Author

    Warum soll der den nich packen der packt auch ein 4 schaar kverneland b pflug. Wir haben an unserem 724 auch schon ein 3 schaar volldreh hängen gehabt das geht auch gut.

  4. Coop_Fabi Author

    Haben auch nen 75 er Case.
    Hat deiner den Pflug ohne Probleme gezogen bzw. hat er ihn gut gezogen?
    Und viel Erfolg im neuen Jahr weiterhin

  5. Fünfseenland Agrarvideos Author

    Hey, Allen die das hier lesen ein frohes neues Jahr viel Glück und Vorhallen gute Erträge (und genug regen nicht so wie die letzten zwei Jahre)😁😉🙋‍♂️

  6. Case ih farmall Author

    Moin, schönes video. Den muss er auch ziehen können, wir mit unserem 65C ziehen den gleichen Pflug, meist aber mit 6,5-7km/h. Ich bin aber auch auf dem Moor:)
    Bist du noch zufrieden mit deinem 75C?

  7. heinrich 42 Author

    dir auch frohes neues Jahr erstmal noch

    das mir demm gewicht haben wir bei userem 2,4m Mähwerk mit Aufbereiter gewicht ca. 820kg probleme gehabt bei straßen fahten
    haben einen Deutz Fahr Agroplus 315 wo durch es besser wurde im nachhinen hinten ca. 1,5bar auf denn reifen und den schwingungsdämpfer frontlader arbeiten lassen so mal als kleiner tipp am rande

  8. Huawa8130 Author

    Kleine Anmerkung nebenbei 😉

    Es wär doch schöner die Zwischenfrucht vorher zu mulchen um den Verottungsprozess zu beschleunigen und auch damit dir das Zeug im Boden nicht zu silieren beginnt 😅
    Ansonsten TOP Video!

    Lg. Huawa


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