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We have installed a biogas plant and a vermi-compost pit here. It is very convenient to cook
with biogas it does not emit
any smoke Previously we had to make
cowdung cakes which emitted a lot of
smoke and ash But now, it takes us between
30 minutes to 1 hour to
cook our meals with bio gas. The time it took me to kindle
a fire on is the same amount of time
it takes us to cook a meal now. We save time on preparation
when our kids have to go to
school We thus save on time, and
a lot more, which in turn
benefits us Greenpeace came to us and
suggested to us these methods and we installed the biogas
plant and the vermi compost pit. After that, I have applied for
one or two more eco-san toilets we have also constructed a place
to collect human urine where it is collected and stored
in one place. and we have started using it
as eco-fertilizer in our fields. Greenpeace has been our mentor
in guiding us through these
techniques which we are now prepared to
take forward and are already doing so now.

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