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Farmer’s Market in Hanalei, Kauai, HI – KVIC-TV, [Event]

As you explore Kauai, you’re bound to find
one of the many open air markets, just like this one in Hanalei. A quick visit gives both
locals and visitors a chance to find the best in island crafts and fresh island grown produce.
What are you looking to find? Flowers and fresh veggies. Have you been waiting for long?
We got here at 9 o’clock to be in the front of the line. So you’re experienced shoppers?
Why is it important to get here early? The flowers sell out fast. You know this from
experience. Where did you pick these mangos? I picked them off of my farm – Aloha Organics.
Where? Moloa’a. I planted all these trees 8 years ago. Beautiful. Today we have the
Brooks Slade and the Keith variety. Nice. Here’s some Slader variety mangos. So these
being green, they’re ready to eat? Yeah. They stay green? These are fresh starfruit?
Yes I have quite a few trees, these are just straight from the tree, when I’m picking
I just go like this and because theres no water in the field I do this. Look at how
juicy that is. Try the seedelss tangerines. Um hm. Don’t bite, insert the entire thing
into your mouth, chew and swallow. Tip number one, we’re learning here. Your bag looks
kinda empty. I’ve got my money ready. What’s next on the list? I’m goign to find some
green beans. Okay. Short little… This si great. Come to Hanalei Market hopefully soon.
Hopefully soon. Tell me about your lovely produce. Everything was harvested this morning
as far as the greens go, and we have small scale, large variety on our farm. This is
our traditional kava bowl, this is our kava brew right here, and this is a beverage we’ve
been drinking for centuries throughout the pacific islands. How do you use this? Add
water? We get the roots sun-dried, we put them in a pounder or blender and turn them
into a powder. Can I taste some? Sure Nanea. This is it right here. You gotta drink it
all at one time. Really? That’s a lot. It’s all good. It gets better. Hawaii has a number
of outdoor markets all over the island. Get here, look around, ask around, or drive one
and I’m sure you’ll find one nearby.


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