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Farming Accessories !! Stage 10-1 Auto-Battle (Seven Knights Global/Asia)

Hello guys, this time I will show you how to auto farm stage 10-1. It is actually simple First thing 1st. Notice that this guy can silence you. And this guy can stun you This guy can increase your skills cooldown Can’t do anything about the last one. But you can make your run more reliable by eliminating the 1st and 2nd threat Easy way would be using Spike.. If you don’t have him you can use Sieg to prevent stun and Yui to prevent silence Then, to deal enough damage, I’m using Daisy for her mag buff and Yuri for her -def debuff. The skill sequence is pretty basic. One AOE skill to clear the 1st wave For the 2nd wave having skill that increase cooldown helps, but not a must. Continued with piercing skills, to kill the enemy’s Yu Shin which is immune to damage Lets see… Btw my Yu Shin is using speed weapon, but it is not a must as well Easy There you go. Auto ing in this stage is easy and have no risk of failing with this lineup But I’m pretty sure that you can set stronger lineup for this. I’m just using the minimum requirement in this case So that is that.. FYI, I’ve run few hundred keys here and imo the drop rate of acc sucks So far I only got 4 accessories 🙁 Its because they only drops from mimics (the 5 & 6 star do, dunno whether 4 star acc drops from normal hero) So that is all.. Thanks for watching I hope this helps 🙂


  1. Cerburus Author

    I wish I was half as good as you you've already 3 starred the entire map and I've barely made it to 10-3 but I guess we all go at our own pace.

  2. Christian Charistheo Author

    Bang gw kan dpt 6* hero selector dari misi rahasiaenaknya gw pilih yg mana? Trascend Velika/Daisy atau ngambil Yushin?

  3. Morgiana Author

    kalo gw belakang lubu, depan ace, eilline, dellon, sama ling2.. wave 1 pake skill reduce lubu rata, wave 2 skill pierce lubu sama pierce dellon. 40s clear

  4. Cerburus Author

    So who would you suggest from the special selector were getting. I'm only missing eileene Rudy and spike from my 7 Knight collection and I'm getting a 7k selector tommorow.

  5. Irsyad Giovanni Jr. Author

    Bro, yushin bagusnya pake item Crit Crit atau lethal lethal atau Crit Lethal ya?
    trus apakah item rekomendasi itu selalu bener? ko kebanyakan buat def rekomendasiin max hp?

  6. Sony Jocom Author

    Mending pakai boost mode (6keys) atau yg biasa aja (2keys) ? Kalau yg biasa (2keys) bisa repeat lebih banyak, tp apakah drop ratenya lebih kecil daripada yg boost (6keys)? Gimana pendapatmu bro?

  7. Cardini Panini Author

    I think there's a hero for skill immunity/ reductions so u can fix the lightning guy. If u can't get that hero u really can just do a bunch of damage and hope for the best lol. If that's the case get a hero that can do area damage. It doesn't matter for cool-down as long as u have a lot of high damage skills from different heroes


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